India, Japan and Us Navies Kick off 2016 Malabar Exercise Near South China Sea (Download PDF)

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20th edition of MALABAR trilateral naval Exercise 2016 of India, Japan and United States (US) navies have been kicked off near South China Sea. This year the naval exercise over 100 aircraft and 22 naval ships is including a nuclear submarine are participating.

Key facts

  • The 20th edition of the naval exercises will be displayed for 8 days.
  • It comprises harbour phase movements at Sasebo, Japan and the sea phase exercises in the Pacific Ocean.
  • The main objective behind this excise is to Increase interoperability amongst the three navies and develop common understanding of procedures for Maritime Security Operations.
  • Scope of 2016 MALABAR is includes expert interactions in harbour and sea phases, counting complex sub-surface, surface and air operations.
  • Contribution of this exercise is the joint fleet of 3 navies will contain aircraft carriers, warships and fast attack submarines.
  • Four ships of Indian Navy from the Eastern Fleet are contributing in the naval exercise in consonance with country՚s ‘Act East Policy’ .
  • They are Missile stealth frigates INS Sahyadri and INS Satpura, modern fleet tanker and provision ship INS Shakti, missile corvette INS Kirch
  • These ships have boarded one Sea King 42B ASW helicopter and 2 Chetak helpfulness helicopters.
  • US Navy will be symbolized by ships from CTF 70 of the USN 7th fleet based at Yokosuka, Japan.
  • The CTF contains aircraft exporter USS John C Stennis (CVN 74) , Arleigh Burke class killers USS Stockdale and USS Chung Hoon and Ticonderoga class Cruiser USS Mobile Bay.
  • All these ships will be boarded helicopters.
  • 1 nuclear powered submarine, Long Range Maritime Patrol aircraft and carrier wing aircraft are also contributing in the implementation in addition.
  • Japanese navy will be symbolized by a helicopter carrier JS Hyuga with SH 60 K integral helicopters.
  • Long Range Maritime Patrol aircraft are also participating besides other progressive warships for specific parts of the exercise.


  • Indian and US navies have regularly conducted the annual bilateral exercise since 1992.
  • Malabar has been held instead off India and in the Western Pacific since 2007.
  • It was directed by the Chennai coast in Bay of Bengal and involved participation of Japan making it trilateral naval exercise in 2015.


  • 2016 MALABAR naval exercise is an important step in establishment mutual confidence and inter-operability and sharing of best practices between the Indian, Japanese and US Navies.
  • The exercise will also provide support for naval security in the Indo-Pacific region and also provide advantage to the global maritime community.
  • The exercise is assumed as significance as it is being showed close to South China Sea when Chinese confidence in this region is a powerful issue.
  • The exercise also purposes to achieve profounder military ties and greater interoperability among rising tensions in the region.

- Published/Last Modified on: June 13, 2016

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