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Ministry of Earth Science launched India Quake application developed by the National Centre for Seismology (NCS) for automatic dissemination of earthquake parameter (location, time, and magnitude) after the occurrence of earthquakes.

Key Features of India Quake App

Key Features of India Quake App

Key Features of India Quake App

Key Features of India Quake App

  • Facilitates faster dissemination information
  • No restrictions on the number of recipients
  • Provide real time earthquake location information.
  • Reduce panic.
  • Notify two categories of events:

    • Scrutinized: Earthquake events scrutinized and confirmed by the NCS
    • Unscrutinized: Earthquake events whose parameters estimated automatically by the software using the incoming waveform data from remote stations.

National Centre for Seismology (NCS)

  • New centre of excellence with state-of-art infrastructure, laboratory buildings, and human resource development, to address all earthquake science related matters in the country.
  • Set up by bringing together all Seismology related activities of IMD (including those of EREC).
  • Undertakes R&D activities using the data generated by various seismic and GPS networks.

Participating Institutions of NCS

National Centre for Seismology, Noida

Implementation Plan for NCS

  • Laboratory buildings established for the National Centre for Seismology (NCS) at Noida
  • State-of-art facilities to be established for training programs

R & D Activities

Will undertake better understanding of earthquake processes and associated phenomena, as detailed below:

  • Crust and upper mantle structure of sections of Indian shield and Himalayan regions using receiver function techniques
  • Estimation of expected ground motions for critical areas from future scenario earthquakes using empirical Green’s function technique
  • Detailed seismicity and seismotectonic studies of seismically active areas in the country
  • Earthquake source characterization in distinct tectonic environments
  • Carryout earthquake precursor observations and comprehensive analyses of the data sets to establish possible relationship with the earthquake occurrences.
  • Standardization of earthquake catalogs

Deliverables of NCS

  • Better understanding of earthquake processes under different tectonic environments
  • Projects for better preparedness and mitigation of disastrous impacts of earthquakes
  • Operate national seismological network with 84 stations connected to NCS headquarter for real time data communication through VSAT.
  • Disseminate earthquake parameters to all concerned government departments; India quake app will overcome the problem of delay and number of receivers.
  • Sagar Vani: An Integrated Information Dissemination System launched

- Published/Last Modified on: August 21, 2017


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