India, South Africa and Brazil Joint Naval Exercise Ibsamar 2016 Started in Goa


Brazil, India and South Africa fifth edition joint IBSAMAR 2016 trilateral naval exercise has been started in Goa. IBSAMAR is come from as India-Brazil-South Africa Maritime. For the first time this exercise is hold in India since it begins in 2006.

Key facts:

  • The main aim of this navel exercise is:
  • Interoperability among navies of three countries
  • Common understanding maritime security between them.
  • This IBSAMAR naval exercise will be conducted two phases:

Harbours phase: During this phase it will undertake wide range of professional interactions.

Sea Phase: And during this phase diverse range operational activities will be conducted off Goa coast.

These exercises will be on:

  • anti-submarine warfare (ASW),
  • air defence,
  • flying operations,
  • surface firing,
  • search and rescue,
  • Tactical procedures.

The Indian navy is symbolized by:

  • INS Mumbai– a missile destroyer,
  • INS Shalki– a Shisuhumar class diesel electric submarine and
  • INS trishul– a stealth frigate.

The Brazilian Navy is symbolized by

  • Brazilian Naval Ship (BNS) Amazonas embarked
  • Special Forces.

The South African Navy is symbolized by

  • SAS Spioenkop with integral helicopter and
  • Embarked with Special Forces.

- Published/Last Modified on: February 25, 2016