India-Us Has Signed Six Agreements (Download PDF)

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India and the United States (US) have signed six agreements to improve bilateral cooperation in various fields after inclusive range of bilateral talks between Prime Minster Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama in Washington.

  • The signed agreements were in the field of Terrorist Screening Information Clean Energy and Climate Change, cooperation on Energy Security among others.

Singed Agreements are

1. Arrangement for the exchange of Terrorist Screening Information:

  • According to this agreement both the countries will offer each other access to terrorism screening information.

2. MoU on Energy Security, Clean Energy and Climate Change:

  • This agreement is aims to improve cooperation between both countries on energy security, climate change and clean energy by growing bilateral engagement.
  • It also aims to increase joint initiatives for stimulating sustainable growth.

3. MoU on Wildlife Conservation and Combating Wildlife Trafficking:

  • This agreement aims to increase cooperation in such areas as Wildlife Forensics and Conservation Genetics, Conservation Awareness, Natural World Heritage Conservation and Nature Interpretation for combating wildlife trafficking, wildlife conservation and management.

4. MoU for the Global Entry Programme:

  • This agreement aims to grant accelerated clearance for pre-approved, low-risk Indian travelers upon arrival in the United States.

5. Technical Arrangement concerning Unclassified Maritime Information Sharing:

  • This agreement aims to permit sharing of unclassified information on White Shipping between both countries.

6. MoU for Cooperation in Gas Hydrates:

  • It purposes to growth the understanding of the geologic distribution, occurrence and production of natural gas hydrates end to end continental margin of US and India.

Along with signing these six agreements both countries also has finalized two documents and they are

1. Information Exchange Annex (IEA) concerning Aircraft Carrier Technologies:

This document seeks to improve information and data allocation specific to aircraft carriers technology.

2. Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement:

This documents main objective is to provide mutual logistic support for authorized joint exercises, joint training, port visits and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HA-DR) .

- Published/Last Modified on: June 10, 2016

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