India and Bangladesh Transit Facility “Kolkata-Ashuganj-Tripura” Becomes Operational


The transit facility “Kolkata-Ashuganj-Tripura” under the revised Inland Water Transit and Trade Protocol between India and Bangladesh became operational after Prime Minister Narendra Modi signed it during his visit to Dhaka in June 2015.

Transit facility route of India and Bangladesh

Transit facility route of India and Bangladesh

Transit facility route of India and Bangladesh

  • On 16th June 2016 it was publicly inaugurated.
  • The first ship from Kolkata carrying 1000 tonnes of steel and iron sheets touched Ashuganj river port in Bangladesh As part of it.
  • From the port the cargo will transport throughout Bangladesh territory to reach its destination in Tripura.

About Kolkata-Ashuganj-Tripura transit facility

  • The capability successively through a land and river route adventure Bangladesh ground cuts the Kolkata-Agartala distance via Siliguri’s ‘chicken neck’ from 1600 km to 800 km.
  • It also has compact the time of the journey from 30 days to just 10 days.
  • It has cut the change expenses from central India to the north-eastern state from 67 US dollars to 35 US dollars per ton.
  • As per the protocol yet India pays transfer fees of 192.25 dollars per ton as transferred between the two countries.


  • The formal inauguration of the transit facility, both friendly neighbors have traversed yet additional milestone in their bilateral relatives and regional connectivity.
  • The Kolkata-Ashuganj-Tripura transit route bounces central India cheaper and easier contact to the seven interior northeastern states.

Regional Connectivity

  • The revised Inland Water Transit & Trade Protocol bounces both countries right to use each other’s territory for transiting properties to third countries below the India-Bangladesh Bilateral Trade Agreement.
  • Under this Bangladesh is allowed to transit goods to Bhutan and Nepal while India can access Myanmar via Bangladesh giving impetus to Act east policy.
  • Though this protocol trade and development will not only allowed between Bangladesh and India but also in the entire sub-region simplifying trade and growth in the sub-region.

- Published/Last Modified on: June 17, 2016