India gets $19.78 billion FDI from nations visited by Modi in Financial Year 2014-15 [ Current News (Concise) ]


About FDI: FDI stands for Foreign Direct Investment. It is a monitoring right of business enterprise in one country by a unit based in another country. Foreign direct investment is based on portfolio foreign investment which is an inactive investment in the securities of another country such as public stocks and bonds.

About India gets fund of 19.78 billion dollars:

  1. In this financial year 2014 - 15 India’s PM Narendra Modi visit many countries, among them India received $19.78 billion foreign direct investment (FDI) from 12 countries.
  2. In 2014 - 15, FDI in India increased by 27 % to $30.93 billion.
  3. Indian companies also invested 3.42 billion dollars in the countries Australia, Bhutan, Brazil, Fiji, Japan, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nepal, Seychelles, Singapore, Sri Lanka and US in this financial year.
  4. The information about the total outflow and inflow of foreign investment in general for 2014 - 15 financial years was $6.42 billion and $75.71 billion respectively given by Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 7, 2015