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While the country hopes to reap demographic dividend thru its predominantly young population, problem of substandard engineering education is now widely known. Except IITs & other prestigious technology institutes, most engineering colleges are unable to provide education to engineering student that would get them suitable jobs.

Image of Engineering Seats Available Vs Demand

Image of Engineering Seats Available Vs Demand

Image of Engineering Seats Available Vs Demand

Problem with Engineering Colleges

  • At root of problem is mushrooming of low-quality engineering colleges over years. As students from such colleges fail to get suitable jobs, they face decline in enrolment. Now large number of these colleges are being shut down.
  • There will be around 80, 000 less seats in engineering this year in country. This will lead to around 3.1 lakh seats less in 4 years. According to All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), nearly 200 ‘substandard’ engineering colleges have applied for closure.

Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India

Image of Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India

Image of Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India

Image of Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India

Closure of Engineering Colleges

  • Since 2016, number of engineering seats are on decline. According to AICTE, it is around 75, 000 annually.
  • In 2016 - 17, total intake capacity at undergraduate level was 15, 71, 220, of which total enrolment was 7, 87, 127, which is just around 50.1%.
  • In 2015 - 16, total intake was 16, 47, 155, of which enrolment was 8, 60, 357, which was 52.2%.
  • AICTE wants to close down about 800 engineering colleges across India. There are no takers for their seats, & admissions are plunging in these colleges every year.
  • Nearly 150 colleges are closed down voluntarily every year due to stricter AICTE rules. According to rule of council, colleges that lack proper infrastructure & report less than 30 % admissions for 5 consecutive years will have to be shut down.
  • AICTE has approved progressive closure of more than 410 colleges across India, from 2014 - 15 to 2017 - 18.
  • In 2003, govt. formed committee to find out how technical education was doing in country.

UR Rao Committee

  • UR Rao Committee flagged future glut of graduates. It found technical education was expanding rapidly which could not be sustained in long run as there wasn’t as much demand for as supply of engineering graduates.
  • Rao committee had suggested 5-year moratorium on approvals for undergraduate technical institutions in states where student intake exceeded then national average of 150 seats per million population.
  • Rao’s suggestion was never followed. In 2008 - 09, 30 % more students joined engineering colleges over prev. year, highest jump since 2001, according to AICTE data.

Lack of Engineering Jobs

  • Nearly 8 lakh BE/BTech students graduated last year, but only less than half of them got jobs thru campus placement, according to AICTE data.
  • More than over 700 new colleges were approved that year. In 2016 - 17, half of 15.5 lakh BE/BTech seats were vacant in 3, 291 engineering colleges in country.

Comparing with Other Countries

  • Russian & Chinese engineering students were better than those in India. Indian students make substantial gains in mathematics & critical thinking skills in 1st 2 years of their education compared to their counterparts in China & Russia, but their overall higher-order thinking skills are substantially lower than Chinese & Russians.
  • Indian students are not unable to think high. It’s lack of quality education that stunts their academic growth.

- Published/Last Modified on: July 17, 2018


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