India to Assist UAE in Launch of Its First Spacecraft “Hope Probe” (Download PDF)

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In a significant development towards the field of Space and Technology, the UAE Space Agency and ISRO will work together to launch UAE’s first spacecraft “Hope Probe” by July 2020. The President of UAE announced the launch of the Emirates Mars Mission Project in 2014 itself. UAE has also planned to build a colony on Mars.

India to assist UAE in launch of first spacecraft “Hope Probe”

India to Assist UAE in Launch of First Spacecraft “Hope Probe”

India to assist UAE in launch of first spacecraft “Hope Probe”

Mars Mission-HOPE Probe

  • An Emirati team of engineers along with the experts will build the Probe and will be sent on a scientific voyage of discovery to the Red Planet.

  • With the launch of this mission, UAE will be counted among the major scientific countries that have begun programmes to explore Mars.

  • The year expected for the entrance of Probe in the Red Planet’s orbit is 2021, The date coincides with the 50th anniversary of the formation of the UAE.


  • The Emirates Mars Mission is expected to answer the scientific questions that have not been answered so far.

  • The Mission is further expected to reveal hidden datas that couldn’t be explained earlier.

  • A clear and comprehensive picture is also expected to be outlined thereby clearing the comprehensive picture of the Martian climate along with the causes of the corrosion of its surface that made it impossible for water to exist on the planet.

  • The weather along the Red Planet shall also be revealed by making use of weather phenomena such as dust storms and changes in temperature.

  • The interaction of atmosphere with topography, from the highest volcano peaks to ice sheets to the vast deserts and the deepest canyons is also expected to be revealed.

  • For the purpose of knowledge sharing, the data explored from the mission will be made available to 200 universities and research institutes across the globe.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 19, 2019

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