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India and Bangladesh have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for development of Sylhet city. It is a metropolitan city in northeastern Bangladesh. It had been a part of the former Assam province of India.

India and Bangladesh have signed MoU

India and Bangladesh Have Signed MoU

India and Bangladesh have signed MoU


  • Signing was follow-up of an earlier MoU. which was signed by two governments in April 2013 for implementation of sustainable development projects in socio economic sectors of Bangladesh.
  • Three projects construction of a five-storeyed Kindergarten & High School Building, a six-storeyed Cleaner Colony Building and Development of Dhupa Dighipar area.
  • India will carry out similar sustainable development projects for Rajshahi under a MoU signed recently in regard.
  • India also sanctioned an amount of Taka (currency of Bangladesh) 120 million for sustainable development of Khulna city. MoU will be signed shortly.

About Bangladesh

Icons and Symbols of Bangladesh

Icons and Symbols of Bangladesh

Icons and Symbols of Bangladesh

  • It is Country in South Asia
  • Environment is quite healthy comprising six significantly different seasons.
  • Official languages: Bengali
  • Capital: Dhaka
  • Currency: Bangladeshi taka
  • Prime minister: Sheikh Hasina
  • President: Abdul Hamid
  • Industries: Cotton textiles, jute, garments, tea processing, paper Newsprint, cement, chemical fertilizer, light engineering, Sugar
  • Traditional Export Goods: Raw Jute, Jute Goods, Tea, Leather and Leather Products etc.
  • Half of Bangladesh’s population is composed of farmers.
  • Bangladesh has third largest Muslim population in world after Indonesia and Pakistan.
Bangladesh flag , location and details

Bangladesh Flag, Location and Details

Bangladesh flag, location and details

- Published/Last Modified on: March 17, 2017

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