India’S First BIO-CNG Plant Inaugurated in Pune (Download PDF)

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India՚s first Bio-CNG plant inaugurated in Pune, Maharashtra. This plant producing CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) from agricultural waste. It was jointly inaugurated by Union Minister of surface Transport Nitin Gadkari and Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar.

Key Points:

  • Bio-CNG plant commissioned by city-based Primove Engineering Private Limited.
  • Primove has coughed out around ₹ 4.5 crore in the plant.
  • This plant generates CNG from agricultural waste, which can be used in automobiles as a fuel.
  • The company tested at least seven different kinds of vehicles to test the fuel, during the trial run.
  • Vehicles range from Auto rickshaws to buses are used to test the fuel. This type of technology would be first time used in India.
  • In India, above 600 million tonnes of agricultural waste generated every year.
  • The Process of generation of CNG from agricultural waste includes:
Process of Generation of CNG from Agricultural Waste


  • Bio-fuel is help in 50 % reducing the import of diesel. Hence, the huge amount of foreign exchange can be saved.
  • This project also helps to reduce problem of disposal of agricultural waste. These problems are major concern in India.
  • BIO-CNG plant project is also significant step in Make in India.

Map of Pune, Maharashtra, India:

Map of Pune, Maharashtra, India

- Published/Last Modified on: August 17, 2016


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