India’S First Facility to Produce Nickel Launched by HCL in Jharkhand (Download PDF)

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India’s first facility to produce the Nickel, copper and acid recovery plant at Indian Copper Complex, Ghatsila (Jharkhand). It was inaugurated by HCL (Hindustan Copper Limited). In India, this is the first facility. Hindustan Copper has installed and commissioned the technology to recover as nickel metal.

Hindustan Copper Limited

Hindustan Copper Limited

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  • The mines secretary, top officials of HCL who were presented in the event included:

    • K D Diwan, Chairman
    • Anupam Anand, Director (personnel)
    • V V Venugopal Rao, Director (finance)
    • S. K. Bhattacharya, Director (mining)
    • Santosh Sharma, Director (operations)
    • D K Choudhury, GM, ICC
    • Sanjay Singh DGM (W), ICC

Key Points:

  • The capacity of the plant is 50 metric tonne (MT) per annum. They considering the current production rate from the Surda mines.
  • Output of nickel is expected to increase by eight times after the completion of mine expansion project at Ghatsila.
  • In India the annual demand of pure nickel is around 45,000 MT.
  • India’s domestic market is totally dependent on import. So, it will help to restrain import dependence.
  • Singhbhum Copper Belt has unique metal features. They contain substantial quantity of nickel.
  • This will be prompted HCL to commission and install the technology to recover the metal.
  • Project will utilize eco-friendly technology.
  • It help to:

    • Check pollution
    • Eliminate use of lead
    • Reduce liquid effluents
    • Cut down solid waste by 75%.
  • This project will:

    • Utilize less energy
    • Provide a safe working environment
    • Conserve natural resources

- Published/Last Modified on: August 17, 2016


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