India’S First Facility to Produce Nickel Launched by HCL in Jharkhand (Download PDF)

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India՚s first facility to produce the Nickel, copper and acid recovery plant at Indian Copper Complex, Ghatsila (Jharkhand) . It was inaugurated by HCL (Hindustan Copper Limited) . In India, this is the first facility. Hindustan Copper has installed and commissioned the technology to recover as nickel metal.

Hindustan Copper Limited
  • The mines secretary, top officials of HCL who were presented in the event included:
    • K D Diwan, Chairman
    • Anupam Anand, Director (personnel)
    • V V Venugopal Rao, Director (finance)
    • S . K. Bhattacharya, Director (mining)
    • Santosh Sharma, Director (operations)
    • D K Choudhury, GM, ICC
    • Sanjay Singh DGM (W) , ICC

Key Points:

  • The capacity of the plant is 50 metric tonne (MT) per annum. They considering the current production rate from the Surda mines.
  • Output of nickel is expected to increase by eight times after the completion of mine expansion project at Ghatsila.
  • In India the annual demand of pure nickel is around 45,000 MT.
  • India՚s domestic market is totally dependent on import. So, it will help to restrain import dependence.
  • Singhbhum Copper Belt has unique metal features. They contain substantial quantity of nickel.
  • This will be prompted HCL to commission and install the technology to recover the metal.
  • Project will utilize eco-friendly technology.
  • It help to:
    • Check pollution
    • Eliminate use of lead
    • Reduce liquid effluents
    • Cut down solid waste by 75 % .
  • This project will:
    • Utilize less energy
    • Provide a safe working environment
    • Conserve natural resources

- Published/Last Modified on: August 17, 2016


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