India’S First Solar Storage Power Plant of India at Andaman- Important (Download PDF)

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First city-scale battery Solar Storage Power Plant of India is going to be setup at Andaman- well known for its fabulous beaches. NTPC, the largest power generation utility of India will construct two solar storage plants with total 25 mw (megawatt) capacity at Port Blair under the as Narendra Modi government՚s proposal for tourism development.

Location of First Solar Storage Power Plant of India at Andaman

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  • Storage solar power plants will enable remote locations to get 24 × 7 power supply. Currently many remote villages in hill states such as Ladakh have storage solar power plants but with limited capacity ranging from 11 kw (kilowatt) to 125 kw.
  • The storage solar power plan will provide floating capacity to limit liquid gas generators to the less-polluting fuel.
  • 8 MW capacity plant would be set up at Chiria Tapu and 17 MW capacity plant would be set up at Manglu Tan in Port Blair, based on agreement between NTPC and the Andaman administration.
  • Both of these plants will be linked to the Port Blair grid.
  • 40 % of construction cost will be borne by Ministry of New and Renewable energy as grant for special areas.
  • The NTPC will complete construction of 50 MW solar storage capacities in phases.
  • The cost of cunstuction will be known after the bids within the next 5 - 6 months.
  • The project will be most probably complete in June 2018.
  • Currently government is focusing on the non-storage solar power grid because storage solar systems are very expensive to setup and maintain. On the other hand they provide power even when there is no sun.

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  • But non-storage plants have one disadvantage that we can only use its power during fair weather days with roughly 15 - 20 % efficiency whereas storage systems can be operate over inverters and they are more stable.

About NTPC

  • NTPC Limited is an Indian central Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) under the Ministry of Power, Government of India, in the business of generation of electricity and associated activities.
  • It was set up under the Companies Act 1956 as a “Government Company” - a company covered within the meaning of the act. The headquarters of the company is located at New Delhi.
  • Core business of NTPC is generation and sale of electricity to state-owned power supply companies and State Electricity Boards in India.
  • The company also carries out consultancy and turnkey project agreements that include engineering, project management, construction management, operation, and management of power plants.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 6, 2017


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