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The Indian Handloom Brand tag has been given to Chettinad cotton saris for its unique designs and identity by the Union textile Ministry. The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has examine its several quality parameters stipulated and then after chettinad cotton saree get this tag under the India Handloom Brand Scheme.

  • A logo of the brand for marketing the product has been also offered by Ministry.
  • Ministry has also encouraged the craftsman of this saree to promote the material in the international market.

About Chettinad cotton saree:

  • Chettinad cotton saree is also known as “kandaangi” is a traditional sari of the Chettinad region in Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu.
  • It is unique in the histrionic and impulsive use of colour and different pattern such as bold checks, stripes and contrasting hues.
  • It has silk-like texture, contrasting border and body colours with elaborated designs with the border.
  • These sarees most popular in North Indian states of India and also in other countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.
  • Its vitality and weight are its unique factor.

- Published/Last Modified on: February 9, 2016

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