Indian Kalarippayattu Federation grants appreciation as RSF by Sports Ministry


About Kalaripayattu: Kalaripayattu is the most olden martial art in the world. Kalari means training field and payattu means practice with weapons and without weapons. The Kalaripayattu culture is 3000 years existing in the world.

  • Kalaripayattu is known as the mother of all martial arts.
  • The Kalari Centres were the practicing Centres of the soldiers of the earlier local rulers of Kerala.
  • The father of Shaolin martial art Kungfu, Bodhi dharma started Shaolin Kungfu in China only after mastering Kalaripayattu from Kerala State in India.

About granting as RSF of Kalaripayattu:

  • Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has renowned the Indian Kalarippayattu Federation as Regional Sports Federation (RSF) instantly.
  • This decision was taken to encourage and deliver owing nod and reputation to sports for regional extent.
  • This recognition also grants major role to the Indian Kalarippayattu Federation for promotion and development of Kalarippayattu sport in India.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 16, 2015