Indian Navy maritime exercise ‘Konkan 16’ starts with Royal Navy (Download PDF)

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An Indian Navy destroyer and a Royal Navy frigate (British Navy) began the ninth edition of annual Konkan-13 exercise off India’s western coast, with the focus on asymmetric operations, anti-air warfare and boarding, search and seizure of ships. Successive editions of KONKAN exercises have built on past experiences and have enhanced operational inter-operability between the two navies.

Make In India My Dream Indian Navy

Make in India My Dream Indian Navy

Make In India My Dream Indian Navy

Main Highlights

  • The exercise KONKAN has been named after the Western coastal region of India.
  • It was institutionalized in 2004.
  • Exercise would involve professional discussions, interactions and social functions, while the sea phase will have exercises in various surface and air dimensions of naval operations.
  • It provides an opportunity to both the navies to work together at sea and in harbor to build interoperability, and to share best practices among the crew.
  • Konkan 16 will be conducted in two phases in Mumbai and Goa. The first phase (05 to 09 December 2016) will be held in Mumbai.
  • In it there will be a command planning exercise involving the two navies, where planners from both sides will undertake planning for combined maritime operations.
  • The second phase is a LIVE EXERCISE (LIVEX) will be held from 12 to 16 December 2016 at Goa. It involves interaction between the Indian Marine Commandos (MARCOs) and the Royal Marines.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 6, 2016


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