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Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System

  • According to a recent report by department of Space in Parliament, NAVIC messaging system and receiver have been designed by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization).

  • The system is currently being used by Indian National Centre for Ocean Information System (INCOIS).

  • Using this system, the INCOIS broadcasts emergency warning signals for threats of cyclone, tsunami and high waves.

  • It also broadcasts information about Potential Fishing Zone (PFZ).

PIB, Science and Technology

PIB, Science and Technology

PIB, Science and Technology


  • According to DoS, the technology has been transferred by ISRO to five industries in India to facilitate manufacturing of receivers.

  • To benefit fishing community, the Fisheries department of various coastal states have been infirmed and made aware of the system.

  • Fisheries Department of Kerala and Tamil Nadu have been given 250 units each by ISRO for the use of fishermen.

  • Trials are being conducted for the fishermen of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh by ISRO.

  • In Tamil Nadu, the Fisheries Department has provided 200 NAVIC units to 80 clusters. Each of these clusters has 10 to 15 deep sea fishing boats of Tamil Nadu.

  • The implementation of NAVIC distribution is the responsibility of Fisheries Department of respective states.

  • The NAVIC stands for Navigation in Indian Constellation.

  • It is an Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System.

  • The constellation is composed of 8 satellites which covers India and a region extending 1,500 km around India.

  • To provide continuous surveillance of Indian sub-continent is the objective of IRNSS.

  • Currently IRNSS is involved in providing two services-

    • Standard Positioning Services- provided to all users.

    • Restricted Services- encrypted services provided to authorized users only (military and security agencies).

  • Applications of IRNSS are-

    • Terrestrial, aerial and marine navigation

    • Disaster Management

    • Vehicle tracking and fleet management

    • Precise timing mapping

    • Terrestrial navigation aid to hikers and travellers

    • Visual and voice navigation for drivers

- Published/Last Modified on: June 18, 2020


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