Indo-French Partnership Towards Global Environment

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Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change from India and the French Minister for Ecological Transition launched the Indo-French Year of the Environment in New Delhi recently. Emphasis on India-France alliance in working towards climate change. Already several projects have been taken between the two countries in Assam, Rajasthan and another project are going to start in Jharkhand. For the development of a solar plant of up to 150 MW, signing of a Letter of Intent between SECI and AFD (French Development Agency) .

Indo-French Alliance Towards a Greener Planet


  • To strengthen Indo-French cooperation in sustainable development.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of actions in favour of global environment protection.
  • Ensuring greater visibility.
  • India and France are the two main pillars of the International Solar Alliance.
  • Setting an example for rest of the world to work more effectively and efficiently towards sustainable development.

Five Main Themes

  • Environmental protection
  • Climate change
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Sustainable urban development
  • Development of renewable energies and energy efficiency

Deliberated Issues Relating to Climate Change

  • Biodiversity
  • Blue economy
  • International solar alliance
  • Cooperation in the field of single-use plastic

India՚s Achievement in Climate Change Action

  • So far India has achieved 26 % of reduction of emission intensity.
  • The renewable capacity in India stands at 90 GW as of 2020.
    • 36 GW of solar energy
    • 38 GW of wind energy

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