Indo-Shri Lanka Joint Exercise Mitra Shakti – VI (Download PDF)

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Mitra Shakti Exercise is annually conducted as part of military diplomacy & interaction between armies of India & Shri Lanka aiming to build & promote close relations between armies of both countries & to increase the ability of joint exercise commander to take military groups of both nations under command.

About Exercise Mitra Shakti – VI

  • Opening ceremony held at Diyatalawa Parade Ground

  • Chief Guest of opening ceremony: General Officer commanding 21 Division of Sri Lankan Army

  • Year 2018 - 19

  • Duration of the joint exercise: From 26 March to 08 April

  • Location: Shri Lanka

  • Exercise undertaken by troops from Battalion: The BIHAR Regiment of the

Indian Army & Gemunu Watch Battalion of Sri Lankan Army

Focus of the Joint Exercise

Training both country’s military contingents to undertake joint counter-insurgency & counter-terrorist operations in urban & rural environment under the United Nations mandate.

About BIHAR Regiment of the Indian Army

  • Formed in 1941

  • Consists of half of the Adivasis – Schedule Tribe (Original inhabitants) – indigenous people of India.

  • STs are communities specified by the President of India under Article 342 of Constitution of India.

  • Bihar Regiment center – Danapur Cantonment, Patna

  • Motto – Karam is Dharam (Work is Worship)

About Gemunu Watch Battalion of Shri Lankan Army

  • The Sinha Regiment at Galle came into effect to raise a volunteer unit in the late 1959 as the 1st Battalion the Gemunu Regiment

  • In 1962 a regular unit established by name 1st Battalion the Gemunu Watch at Diyatawala

  • It became the 2nd volunteer Battalion the Gemunu Watch

  • Matara detachment – established as 3rd volunteer Battalion – on same day 7th Dec. 1962.

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