Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Growth (Kurukshetra November 2020)

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Growth

  • An unprecedented wave of long-deserved growth, prosperity and will-being.
  • Creating a nation of job-creators and not just job-seekers is important.
  • Need for an extensive collaboration between corporate industry, academia, and governments at the village, district, state, and central levels.

Five Pillars through the Lens of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Innovative ways of leveraging emerging technologies can create and promote ecosystems. Hundreds of EdTech startups to build and leverage wireless, 5G communication, mobile AR/VR, AI technologies.
  • Secondly is the pillar of infrastructure. India has over 715 districts more than 4,000 cities and 6,00, 000 villages. Undisputed innovation and entrepreneurship will be the key to ensuring the development of both physical as well as digital infrastructure. The nation needs smart villages and several hundred smart cities to become active hubs of livelihood, innovation, and job creation. Smart water management, transportation, energy management and housing present tremendous opportunities for innovations and startups.
  • Third Pillar, Demand, India has the perfect environment. It has 1.3 billion people, a youthful population, a growing middle class. The pillar of demand presents an unprecedented opportunity for Make in India in every industry. Increasing no. of challenges launched by various ministries -MeitY, AIM (Atal New India Challenges) as well as Covid-19 challenges for preventive assistive solutions.
  • Fourth is the Pillar of Technology. The remarkable growth of fast growing 180 billion USD IT/ITES and biotech industry in India. AatmaNirbhar Bharat has now turned the gaze of this world class innovative talent inwards, to create products and services for the Indian market at par with other countries.
  • Fifth is the Pillar of Socio-economic growth. With 22 % of its population still below the poverty line, 44 % of India՚s economy is still Agri-based. Many districts are still combating unacceptable percentages of infant mortality and maternal mortality and only a 13 % of women entrepreneurs. There is a need to ensure that rapid economic progress encompasses societal progress.

Atal Innovation Mission

  • Flagship initiative by the govt. of India.
  • NITI Aayog is leading from the front to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country.
  • AIM has taken a holistic approach to ensure creation of a problem-solving innovative mindset in schools and creating an ecosystem of entrepreneurship in universities, research institutions, private and MSME sector.
Atal Innovation Mission

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