Intelligent Operations Centre Inaugurated in Rashtrapati Bhavan


The Intelligent Operations Centre (IOC) has been inaugurated by President Pranab Mukherjee in Rashtrapati Bhavan. And a mobile application ‘Monitor’ for transformation of President’s Estate into a smart township.

  • President’s Estate will work around the ‘4H’ theme of a humane, Hi-Tech, Heritage and Happy Township was announced during the launching ceremony by President.

Key facts:

1. Intelligent Operations Centre (IOC):

  • It is a software solution to provide smart insights by gathering the rich data spilling in from numerous sources within the Estate.
  • It is planned by IBM.
  • It offers near real-time collaboration, combined data visualization and deep analytics that will support agencies to be ready for problems, improve efficiency of services and also establish and manage response efforts.

2. Monitor App:

  • It is a Residents collaboration tool of the Intelligent Operation Centre.
  • It will help occupants and domain (Energy, Horticulture, Waste, Water and Security) supervisors to cooperate in a smarter way for their explanations.
  • It will allow occupants to report problems such as electricity failure, broken street lights, water wastage etc. and also help to check tenacity status using their mobile devices.
  • This app will also enable occupants to report these problems on a real time basis by their mobile devices in the Estate.
  • It will help the occupants of the Estate develop more communally responsible and collaborative.

- Published/Last Modified on: May 23, 2016