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Invisible Enemy

  • Surveillance of citizens might continue to haunt them even after this health crisis is over.

  • India is exploiting a legislation passed in 1897 to carry out surveillance on Covid-19 patients.

  • From centre to states apps are being rolled out to track COVID-19.

    Aarogya Setu

    • National Informatics Centre is the Developer.

    • Over 10 million downloads

    • Access granted to Bluetooth, GPS, contacts and storage

    • Information Collected-Personal such as name, age, gender, location, travel history along with health data.

    • The main privacy issue involved is user has to register and furnish all the details to gain access to terms of use and privacy policy.

  • Tamil Nadu Quarantine Monitor

    • Pixxon AI Solutions pvt ltd is the developer.


    • Access granted to GPS for live tracking

    • User movement data is the information collected.

    • The main privacy issue involved is that the app doesn’t have a privacy policy of terms of use and it doesn’t clear on how the data will be used which is mandatory under the General Data Protection Regulation followed in India.

  • Test Yourself

    • Innovaccer Inc. is the developer.

    • 50,000 users

    • Personal data along with internet history, geographical location through IP address and social media information if access is granted.

    • The privacy issue here is that this website collects a lot of personal and medical information without giving anything useful to the user.

    • Experts warn against such unnecessary collection of personal data.

  • Maharashtra MahaKavach

    • Multiple Public and Private Players are the developers.


    • Access granted to GPS location

    • Personal information, location data and photographs are collected.

    • The privacy policy involved is that the app has generic privacy policy despite using artificial intelligence.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 6, 2020


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