Irwin Rose 2004 Nobel Chemistry winner passed away (Download PDF)

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Irwin Rose was awarded 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering molecule Ubiquitin passed away at the age 88. Irwin Rose had shared this noble prize with Aaron Ciechanover and Avram Hershko for discovery of Ubiquitin which destroys or cleans up unwanted proteins.

  • This discovery had served as the basis for developing new therapies for diseases such as cervical cancer and cystic fibrosis which are caused by failure of the clean-up mechanism.
  • The Ubiquitin molecule is also involved in repairing faulty DNA and quality control of newly made proteins.
  • Each human cell contains around100,000 different proteins, which carry out different jobs such as speeding up chemical reactions and acting as signals etc.
  • Rose was born on July 16,1926 in New York, United States. He had spent much of his career as a researcher at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, US.
  • His Nobel-winning work was done in this cancer centre in late 1970s and early 1980s.

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