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About Islamic State Rebellious Group: These are the powerful groups whose aim is to take over religious, political and military power over all Muslims worldwide. These groups are mainly led by Sunni Arabs from Iraq and Syria.

  • They mainly operate in Iraq and Syria and have a small control in Libya and Nigeria.
  • They also operate in parts of South Asia.
  • They are titled as terrorist groups by many countries like United Nations, US, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria and other nations.
  • They are widespread on social media for killing soldiers, civilians, journalists and service workers.
  • Muslim Leaders worldwide have confessed saying these groups are not following the true Islamic system and their actions and practices are not represented in any Islamic culture.

About Pakistan banning these groups:

  • This decision was taken by the Pakistan Government on the approval of the Foreign Office.
  • These groups have been drastically increased in Afghanistan after the death of Taliban Leader Mullah Muhammad Omar.
  • They overtook it’s challengers like Taliban and al - Qaida.
  • And also many banners and drawings were addressed in Pakistan with the increase of their control.
  • Hence Pakistan has banned these groups which have a widespread already in Iraq and Syria

- Published/Last Modified on: September 22, 2015


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