Israel’s Nation State Law and Qatar’s OPEC Exit (Download PDF)

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Israel՚s Nation State Law

“National State Law” has been piloted by Israel՚s right-wing government. An attempt to legitimise the prevalent apartheid against Arabs. To undermine any peace process with Palestine. As per the law Israel is the historic homeland of the Jewish people with the right to nationals elf-determination in it.

  • The law also proposed to scrap Arabic off the national language status it currently enjoys.
  • To “promote and encourage” the establishment and consolidation of Jewish settlements occupied Palestine land (in the West Bank) .


  • The current law asserts Israeli authority over the whole of Jerusalem.
  • Likely to deter any form of peace initiative.
  • The law also erodes the credibility of Israel՚s professed support of an independent Palestinian state.
  • Another law passed by Israel sought to place limits on Arabs living under its authority to access Israel՚s High Court.
  • Deepen illegal settlements in Palestinian land.
  • Institutionalization of discrimination.

Qatar՚s OPEC Exit

  • Qatar՚s recent announcement.
  • Walking away from the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) .

OPEC was founded in 1960

  • Venezuela
  • Iran
  • Saudi Arabia
  • OPEC at present is a group of 15 countries.
  • OPEC countries produce about 45 % of the world՚s oil and contain over 80 % of its “proven” reserves.
  • It also plays a crucial role in determining the economic health of many countries, including India.

Qatar՚s Reason Behind the Exit

  • Qatar wants to put in more focus upon its gas industry rather than on oil.
  • The country denies any political reasons for leaving OPEC.
  • Qatar thinks of itself a small player and therefore feels it was useless to put efforts, resources and time in an organisation.
  • Saudi Arabia dominates OPEC having pumped 11 million barrels per day in October, 2018.

- Published/Last Modified on: April 24, 2020

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