Japan Successfully Launches Its First Commercial Satellite

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On 24 November 2015 Japan has successfully launched its first commercial satellite in to orbit as part its national space programme. Japanese H - IIA rocket was originally Scheduled at 3: 23 pm but it was delayed by 30 minutes because of unexpectedly small ship was came near the space station and finally at 3: 50 pm the rocket was successfully launched and it carrying Canadian TELSTAR 12V communications and broadcasting satellite for operator Telesat was successfully lifted off from Tanegashima Space Centre (TSC) .

  • European and Russian are leading companies for commercial satellite launch business and now Japan is also entered into this.

Key facts:

  • Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries inspect the first commercial satellite launch of Japan.
  • In the commercial satellite launching business Japan wants to be major player which is worth 2.5 billion dollars a year.
  • To make its programme competitive it has tried to improve its H - IIA rocket in order to cut the cost of each launch.

Some Facts:

  • In 2007, India had launched its first commercial satellite successfully using Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) carrying Italian satellite AGILE for space exploration.
  • The elite club of nations comprising US, Russia, China, Ukraine and European Space Agency (ESA) had joined by India which have capacity to deploy their space exploration resources for commercial use.
  • ISRO՚s marketing arm is Antrix Corporation Limited (ACL) . It oversees commercialization of space exploration resources for commercial use developed by ISRO.

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