Justice Ajit Prakash Shah appointed as the ethics officer by BCCI (Download PDF)

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About Ajit Prakash: Retired Justice Ajit Prakash Shah was born on 13th February 1948 at Solapur. Currently, he is the Chairman of the 20th Law Commission of India. He was served as the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court from May 2008 till his retirement in February 2010.

  • He is known for his courageous judgments including the world - headliner July 2009 ruling that found India’s 150 - year - old statute prohibiting homosexual acts as discriminatory and therefore a “violation of fundamental rights”.

About his appointment as ethics officer:

  • Justice Ajit Prakash Shah was appointed as the ethics officer at Board of Control for Cricket in India.
  • The decision was made at the Board’s 86th Annual General Meeting.

About his other appointments:

  • Justice Shah was appointed as Additional Judge of Bombay High Court on 18th December 1992.
  • Since June 2011, Justice Shah has been served as the Chairperson of Broadcasting Content Complaints Council which is the self - regulatory body for non - news general entertainment channels set up by the Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF).

- Published/Last Modified on: November 23, 2015

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