Justice Naveen Sinha Takes Oath as Chief Justice of Rajasthan HC (Download PDF)

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Naveen Sinha has taken oath as the 31st Chief Justice of Rajasthan. Governor Kalyan Singh has directed him for the oath as per the requirements of the Article 219 of Structure. President Pranab Mukherjee has elected him as per provisions of the Article 222 of Structure after following support of the Supreme Court collegium supervised by Chief Justice of India (CJI) T. S. Thakur.

Justice Naveen Sinha
  • Justice Naveen Sinha was serving as Chief Justice of the Chhattisgarh High Court since July 2014 before this appointment.

About Justice Naveen Sinha

  • Naveen Sinha was born on 19 August 1958.
  • He had completed his L. L. B. degree after bachelor՚s degree in arts.
  • In July 1979 he had joined bar and had practiced for 23 years primarily at Patna High Court.
  • He was quantified in civil, lawful, labour, service, commercial, company, criminal laws.
  • In February 2004 he was higher as a judge of Patna High Court and later was made a stable judge.
  • He was transferred to Chhattisgarh High Court as Chief Justice in July 2014.

About chief justice

  • The Chief Justice of India (CJI) is the highest-ranking judge in the Supreme Court of India.
  • As well as governing in the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice also heads its organizational functions.
  • The Chief Justice is responsible for the allocation of cases and appointment of constitutional benches which deal with important matters of law
  • The Chief Justice allocates all work to the other judges who are bound to refer the matter back to him or her in any case where they require it to be looked into by a larger bench of more judges.

- Published/Last Modified on: May 16, 2016

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