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Trudeau is the son of the late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. He was prime minister until 1984 with a short break and remains one of the few Canadian politicians known in America, his personality often draws comparisons to John F. Kennedy.

Image of Justin Trudeau

Image of Justin Trudeau

New Prime Minister of Canada

  • Justin Trudeau, the youthful son of one of the country’s most dynamic politicians became the prime minister of Canada, after he won the October 19,2015 general elections.
  • He ended the 10 years of leadership by Stephen Harper, who dreamt of recasting Canada as a more conservative country.
  • Trudeau’s victory could result in improved ties with the United States, at least for the remainder of Barack Obama’s presidency
  • At 43, he becomes the second youngest prime minister in Canadian history.
  • “Tonight Canada is becoming the country it was before, ” Trudeau told a victory rally in Montreal.
  • The Liberals have said that they would accept a series of budget deficits to fund major infrastructure spending that would in turn boost the economy
  • The Liberals also promised a tax hike for Canada’s top 1 % to pay for a tax cut for the country’s middle class.
  • Trudeau has vowed to legalize marijuana a drug that he says has needlessly left many Canadians with criminal records and cost the government too much in law enforcement.
  • Trudeau’s campaign has emphasized his multicultural view of Canada and his deep desire to continue supporting immigrants and Canadians of all cultures.
  • Finally, Trudeau has promised to reform the country’s current first - past - the - post voting system, which has been unpopular with liberal Canadians, whose votes are split between three main progressive parties.

- Published/Last Modified on: October 20, 2015

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