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The Kerala Legislative Assembly recently announced initiative to digitize all its records and proceedings under its ambitious project called E-Vidhan which enables state legislature to go fully digital and completely paperless.

Aim is to digitize and make their functioning paperless which means to make both Parliament and state legislature documents, including speeches, committee reports, questions and debates available on internet.

This image show in annual Saving with e-visdhan

This Image Show in Annual Saving with E-Visdhan

This image show in annual Saving with e-visdhan

Overview & Objectives

  • Under Digital India the e-Vidhan in State Legislatures and e-Sansad in Parliament are mission mode projects.

  • This will make their functioning transparent, responsive, productive, more accountable and participative to public.

  • The first phase of digitization project is expected to be completed in next 14 months. For functioning of library and all departments attached to Assembly to go completely paperless, it would take around two years.

  • The State government of Kerala is executing the project with its own fund after not getting any positive response regarding the aid from the Central Government. The mammoth work of digitizing has been awarded to Cyber Park, which is run by Ooralungal Labour Contract Cooperative Society.

  • Once the project is completed, all the Assembly proceedings like submission of notice by a member, question and answers, and all the other correspondence and business concerning will go paperless.

Significance & Benefits

  • With this digitization project the assembly will completely get rid of paper in all its business transactions as the state Assembly handles hundreds of various Bills, notices and committee reports which demands massive paperwork.

  • This initiative would further save time as well as printing costs of about Rs. 35 crore to Rs. 49 crore annually

- Published/Last Modified on: August 6, 2019

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