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Khusro Committee Purpose: Agricultural Credit, The Committee under the leadership of Prof. A. M. Khusro was to examine the problems of agricultural and rural credit, take stock of structural and operational deficiencies, constraints, quantitative and qualitative gaps and recommend major systemic improvements.

Khusro Committee Recommendations

  1. Prompt elections
  2. Changes in Cooperative Law against protracted supercession
  3. Completion of reorganization of primary societies based on viability norms, wherever the exercise has not been done
  4. Program of development which have not reached the loaning business of Rs. 10 lakhs to be taken up for increasing its loan business, enlarging its package of profitable non-credit activities, augmentation of resources (deposits) and reduction in overdues
  5. Improvement in quality of staff and accountability
  6. Staff to be selected by societies
  7. Incentive system
  8. National Cooperative Bank of India

Bhagwati Committee

Purpose: Public Welfare

Bhagwati Committee Recommendations

  • Examining applications for exemption from the code to give recommendations.
  • Request for hearing by the panel before giving their recommendations, and whether SEBI can remit a case back to the panel either in the light of fresh facts brought before the SEBI at the time of hearing
  • Constitution of the panel may left to the SEBI board.
  • Term of each member shall be three years and the member should be eligible for reappointment.
  • Exemption panel may not be required to grant a hearing to the applicant but may seek further information where considered necessary.
  • Element of frustration among market participants as pending cases are preventing funds from transferee to investors by acquirers.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 21, 2016

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