“Kilo-Core” World’S First 1000-Processor Microchip (Download PDF)

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KiloCore the scientists have developed a microchip, named that has the world՚s first 1000 independent programmable processors has been developed by the scientists with highest clock-rate processor ever designed at the university level.

Key Facts:

  • A team of scientist from the University of California, Davis, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has designed the KiloCore microchip.
  • Around 621 million transistors it comprise and it was contrived by tech giant IBM using their 32 nm (nanometer) CMOS technology.
  • This Chip is the greatest energy-efficient which has maximum calculation rate of 1.78 trillion instructions per second.
  • It can complete about 115 billion guidelines per second by concluding only 0.7 Watts of energy.
  • Each core processor on the chip is separately programmable and runs a regular maximum clock frequency of 1.78 GHz.
  • It has conceivable to save energy when not required as each processor is self-sufficiently clocked and it can shut the situation down.
  • Applications:
  1. Wireless coding/decoding
  2. Video processing
  3. Encryption

About CMOS:

  • Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) is a constructing integrated circuits technology which is used in microprocessors, microcontrollers, static RAM, and other digital logic circuits.
  • CMOS technology is also used for numerous analog circuits Viz. image sensors (CMOS sensor) , data converters, and highly integrated transceivers for many types of communication.
CMOs Inverter
  • Frank Wanlass patented CMOS in 1963 while working for Fairchild Semiconductor.

- Published/Last Modified on: June 28, 2016

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