Kirk Kerkorian, billionaire Las Vegas mogul passed away


Kirk Kerkorian billionaire Las Vegas mogul and casino tycoon passed away after a brief illness at the age 98. Kirk Kerkorian was born on 6 June 1917 in California, US to Armenian immigrants. He was earlier known as Kerkor Kerkorian.

  • Casino tycoon was Hollywood tycoon and had diversified investments in airlines and auto industry. He had firstly worked as skilled aviator and had flown dangerous missions of delivering warplanes from Canada to Britain during World War II.
  • After that, Casino tycoon had opened a charter flight business serving gamblers wanting to get from Los Angeles to Las Vegas more quickly than a 10-hour drive.
  • Kirk Kerkorian had founded MGM Resorts International and was its largest shareholder till his date. During 1950s to 1960s, Casino tycoon had first made his fortune in Las Vegas, the desert gambling capital and had built the world’s biggest hotel in Las Vegas.
  • In 1990s, Casino tycoon also made fortune by investing in the automobile industry such as Chrysler and General Motors and Ford in the 2000s.

- Published/Last Modified on: June 24, 2015