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Promoting Yoga: Features & Benefits: Yoga is journey of self, thru self, to self. “- Bhagavad Gita Awareness about yoga techniques have amplified after announcement of holding International Day of Yoga (IDY) every year on 21th June. IDY was suggested by India at 69th session of United National General Assembly on September 27,2014 by Prime minister of India.

  • Adiyogi lord Shiva is regarded as father of yoga who transmitted knowledge about mechanism of human system to Saptarishis & saints.
  • Maharishi Patanjali, as father of Modern yoga, brought concept of Ashtanga yoga which provides yoga sutras: Yama (those things which should not be done, i. e. , self-restraints in life covering non-violence, truthfulness, etc. ) Asana (physical exercise to discipline body), Pranayama (regulation of breath to conserve life force), Pratyahara (limiting use of senses) Dharana (introspection), Dhyana (contemplation, meditation) & Samadhi (union w/our higher self or universal energy).

Yoga as Science of Linking Mind Body Soul

  • Literal meaning of Sanskrit word Yoga/Yuj is ‘Yoke’ which is joining of individual’s soul energy w/that of God’s (supreme soul).
  • Benefits include reduce reduction of stress, weight mgmt. , resolving psychosomatic

Diseases, strengthen immune system etc.

Moving thru Paths of yoga

  • Bhakti Yoga is mainly to help highly emotional people so that they remain unaffected by dualities prevalent in society.
  • Yoga of devotion has practices like prayers & worship to connect person w/divine, which is seen as epitome of love.
  • This contains Japa Mantra Yoga as integral part. It is case when one puts his/her mind on reciting name of God or chant mantras like Om, Rama, Vahe Guru, etc. Jnana/Gyana Yoga is highly beneficial where lessons are taken from Vedanta philosophy which teachers how to do self enquiry & surpass identification w/thru & ego.
  • Karma Yoga is more really valuable for people w/active outlook. Under this valuable for people w/full dedication but w/o any expectation of outcome (selflessly) as everything is observed as service to divine power.
  • Opens heart for pure meditation & kills ego. Raja/Ashtanga Yoga scientifically controls both mind & body, combining features of Hatha yoga (asanas, pranayama) & silent meditation, to gain spiritual energy.
  • Pranayama which regulates breath/prana shakti in body. Controlling of breath directly controls mind.
  • Pranayama involves various practices relating to inhalation (Puraka) & exhalation (Rechaka) as well as retention of breath (Kumbhaka), such as, Nadi- Shodhan/Anulom- Vilom, Bhastrika, Shitali, etc.
  • Even practicing pranayama for few minutes a day can radically relax mind, strengthen nerves, removes lethargy & stimulate digestive fire for better food absorption.
  • Pranayama yoga leads to purification of Nadis which ultimately helps to awaken Kundalini. Kundalini is elementary energy lying dormant at base of spine.
  • This is energy of breath which flows in intersections along spinal column called Chakras. Kundalini Yoga can be done by using higher level of pranayama, asanas, mudras & concentration in case of Hatha/Raja Yoga, higher level of devotion & surrender practiced in Bhakti Yoga, Mantra Jaap in Bhakti Yoga, etc.

Yoga Improves Mental & Physical Health

  • Health benefits of doing yoga are immense for our physical body. For instance this gradually loosens up our tight hamstrings, hips, etc. & makes them flexible enough.
  • Yoga is most reliable & cheapest source to strengthen our muscles & bones which averts chances of continuous injuries, arthritis, neck pains, etc
  • Many backward, forward & twist asanas such as Dhanurasana (Bow Pose), Adho

Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog), Ardha Matsyendrasana (half Lord of Fishes Pose), respectively, are blessings to lengthen & strengthen spine.

  • Yoga particularly improves body’s blood circulation which further assists in normalizing blood pressure & hypertension.
  • Vitamin D rises & digestion improves when solar plexus is balanced thru kriyas like Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara). Illustratively, inverted asanas namely Headstand (Shirshasna) & Shoulder stand (Sarvangasana) helps by bringing blood flow towards heart & then to lings.
  • Thru yoga immune system is strengthened.
  • This is very useful in curing diabetes as kapalbatti, Bow Pose, etc. stimulate proper functioning of pancreas to naturally secrete insulin.
  • Yoga nidra as ultimate relaxation helps to ease discomfort & build inner strength. Yoga helps to remove toxins from our mind & body in from of sweating, carbon dioxide, etc.
  • Pranayama & meditation (Vipassana, mindfulness, etc) increase concentration power by silencing mind, teach us ways to cope w/worries/stressful situations & make us more optimistic.
  • Yoga helps to overcome addiction (including drugs), temptations & higher Expectation levels.

Connecting to Real Meaning of Yoga

  • Forward bending asanas such as balasana (child’s pose), Uttanasana (Standing Forward Fold) etc. not only heal chakras & resolve number of physical ailments, but in reality advocates to stay in present & past, accept changes, develop faith, & finally surrender to flow of life w/lot of strength.
  • Balancing postures namely Tasasana (Mountain Pose), Vrksasana (Tree Pose), etc. guide us on how much to hold in life & how much to let go for gaining balance & confidence.
  • Full yoga class signifies movement w/nature: first we warm up to put new seeds, then grow into flower during practice to express, then we are able to look inward by attaining coolness & finally we relax/still ourselves thru Savasana (Corpse Pose).
  • Aim of yoga is living life ethically based on certain rules of eating, sleeping & performing duties w/o fear & attachments.

World Environment Day June 5,2019

WED was established in 1972 during Untied Nations Conference on human Environment which led to creation of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Its aim is “encouraging world wide awareness & action for protection of our environment”. World Environment Day is ‘people’s day’ for ding something take care of Earth.

In 2018, India was host for World environment Day & theme was focused on Plastic Pollution, in 2019 China is host for World environment Day celebrations on theme, ‘Air Pollution’,

Air Pollution in Asia & Pacific: Science-based Solutions, is first comprehensive scientific assessment of air pollution outlook in Asia & Pacific. It details 25 policy that will deliver benefits across sectors.

  • Strengthen emission standards for road vehicles
  • Regularly maintain & inspect vehicles
  • Mainstream electric vehicle
  • Provide better mobility options
  • Control dust from construction & roads
  • Reduce emissions from international shipping
  • Improve post combustion control
  • Strengthen industrial process emissions standards
  • Introduce efficient brick kilns technology
  • Control methane from oil & gas production
  • Improve solvent use & refinery controls
  • Use environmentally friendly refrigerants
  • Provide clean cooking & heating options
  • Strictly enforce bans on househols waste burning
  • Provide incentives for improved energy efficiency in households
  • Increase renewable electricity generation
  • Improve energy efficiency for industry
  • Recover coal mining gas
  • Improve livestock manure mgmt.
  • Strengthen mgmt. of nitrogen fertilizer application
  • Better mgmt. of agricultural crop residues
  • Prevent forest & peatland fires
  • Promote more efficient rice production practices
  • Stop biogas leakage from wastewater treatment improve solid waste mgmt.

Community Water Management thru Special Purpose Vehicle –A success story

  • WASMO an autonomous entity aimed at facilitating community managed drinking water facilities in rural areas of Gujarat.
  • WASMO which believed in building partnerships & working w/communities, marched towards attaining sustainability by adopting a demand driven community led cost sharing service approach to assure safe drinking water availability at doorstep.
  • WASMO focuses on bulk transfer of water from water surplus south Gujarat to water deficient north Gujarat, Saurashtra & Kutch thru canal & pipeline systems to supplement local sources.

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