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The Vice President of India launched ET Government Portal. The adoption of digital technology shall improve the governance and timely delivery of services to citizens. The technology can help in reducing corruption thereby ensuring transparency and improving the delivery of services in areas like healthcare, land registrations, transport, tax collection and urban planning.

Image show in DigiTech conclave & Awards 2019

Image Show in DigiTech Conclave & Awards 2019

Image show in DigiTech conclave & Awards 2019

Image show in Assessing Organizations digital Maturity

Image Show in Assessing Organization’S Digital Maturity

Image show in Assessing Organization’s digital Maturity

Conclave Overview

  • The adoption of digital technology helped in the elimination of fake ration cards thereby resulting in a saving of Rs. 6,000 crore in one state.

  • The ET Government Portal would make the government schemes and services more accessible to the citizens. Digital Technology has a tremendous transformative potential.

  • The Core sectors like IT, Digital Communication and online retail can be boosted by Digitization.

  • The financial services, agriculture and education can be further transformed using Digital Technology and Communication.

  • The digital delivery and online public interface should be more effective and universal.

  • Better means of employment can be ensured using Information Technology that can greatly contribute to economic prosperity.

  • To ensure a balanced regional growth IT-ITeS industry such as BPO should be promoted. Digitization ensures transparency and builds confidence among the investors.

  • Youths should be imparted necessary skills to utilise their energy in the right direction.

  • The untapped potential of technology not only improves the ‘ease of businesses but also ‘ease of living’.

Benefits of Digital Technology

  • Improves Social Connectivity

  • Enhances Communication Speeds

  • Promotes Versatile Working

  • Increases Learning Opportunities

  • Automation

  • Information Storage

  • Editing

  • Removing Duplication

  • GPS and Mapping

  • Improved Transportation

  • Low Cost

  • Entertainment

  • News

  • Warfare

  • Banking and Finance

  • Smaller Sized Devices

- Published/Last Modified on: September 6, 2019

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