Launch of “Food Regulatory” and “Nivesh Bandhu” Investment Portal at World Food India 2017 (Download PDF)

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“Nivesh Bandhu” is an Investor Facilitation Portal Launched during World Food India 2017, which aims to transform the food economy and double farmers’ income by bringing latest technologies evolution and best practices into the system.

Image of 6 objectives of Food Regulatory Portal

Image of 6 Objectives of Food Regulatory Portal

Image of 6 objectives of Food Regulatory Portal

About World Food India 2017

  • World Food India is a mega event highlighting the entire value chain in the food sector.

  • 160 Global CEOs will be present and the event is expected to generate Rs. 65000 Crore investment and 10 lakh jobs.

  • Event displays varied flavors of India to the world including healthy multigrain ‘khichadi’

  • Shows government resolve towards ease of doing business for global and domestic industry players and for bringing new talent to achieve India’s potential.

  • First such exhibition on food processing in India

  • More than 40 countries have committed FDI in Food Processing Sector

Food Regulatory Portal

  • MoFPI and FSSA- the apex Regulatory body for Food Safety in India announced a powerful new tool called ‘the Food Regulatory Portal. ‘

  • Act as a single interface for food businesses to cater to both domestic operations and food imports

  • Promotes effective and transparent implementation of the food safety laws.

  • Strategically aligned with Government’s mission of One Nation, One Food Law.

Investor Facilitation Portal “Nivesh Bandhu”

Image of Investor Facilitation Portal “Nivesh Bandhu”

Image of Investor Facilitation Portal “Nivesh Bandhu”

Image of Investor Facilitation Portal “Nivesh Bandhu”

  • Launched to assist investors in making informed investment decisions.

  • The portal would provide information on Central and State Governments’ investor friendly policies, agro-producing clusters, infrastructure, and potential areas of investment in the food-processing sector.

Objectives of World Food India 2017

  • Provide global businesses a platform to explore Indian market across the value chain in food processing and food retail

  • Bring together global & Indian leaders across the food value chain

  • Showcase the strengths of India in the Food processing & allied sectors

  • Connect domestic and international businesses for possible partnerships

  • Facilitate collaboration, investment flow and encourage sourcing from India.

World Food India Response and Exhibition

  • World Food India 2017 received participation from more than 40 countries, 27 state governments including all the Northeastern states.

  • Germany, Denmark, and Japan were the partner countries for the event while Italy and Netherlands were the focus countries.

  • International Ministerial & business delegations with 200 + members from 15 countries took part in B2B/B2G meetings.

  • More than 800 global companies representing 22 countries & domestic companies showed their exhibitions.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 4, 2017


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