Life in Miniature Project (Download PDF)

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Life in Miniature Project

  • Union Minister of State for Culture and Tourism virtually launched “Life in miniature” project.
  • It has been launched in collaboration between the National Museum, New Delhi, Ministry of Culture and Google Arts and Culture.
Launch of Life in Miniature


  • The project falls in line with Prime Minister՚s “Digital India” initiative.
  • The step emphasizes the role of technology in culture preservation.
  • The Government of India has commended Google for its leadership in technology sector and its focus on product innovation.
  • Google՚s commitment to driving social empowerment and inclusion is a true asset to India.
  • Through Life in Miniature project, several hundred miniature paintings can be viewed from the National Museum; New Delhi can be viewed online on Google Arts and Culture.
  • The project uses technologies like
    • Machine learning,
    • Augmented reality
    • Digitization with high-definition robotic cameras
  • Due to advanced technology the special works of art can be showcased in a magical way.
  • On Google Arts and Culture App, online viewers can experience the first Augmented Reality powered art gallery designed with traditional Indian architecture.
  • One can explore a life size virtual space where one can walk up to a selection of miniature painting.
  • The artworks showcased are presented along five universal themes of the Human relationship with
    • Nature
    • Love
    • Celebration
    • Faith
    • Power
  • Another highlight is the application of Machine learning based algorithms to a corpus of paintings being brought online, so that these miniature marvels can be explored by users guided by Artificial Intelligence.
  • If a single miniature painting is a rare joy to behold, this experience- named “Magnify Miniatures” which enables online users to explore multiple artworks is a stunning new experience.

- Published/Last Modified on: January 21, 2021

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