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  • Jul 15, 2019
  • 1 Scientists Looking to Successfully Levitate Objects with Light [ Science/Technology ]

    By creating nanoscale patterns on the object’s surface Scientists have designed a way to levitate and propel objects. This work is a step towards developing a spacecraft that could reach the nearest planet outside of solar system in 20 years, powered and accelerated only by light

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  • 2 Cosmic Ray Lab Reveals High Voltages in Thunderstorm with ‘Muon’ Telescope [ Science/Technology, International Relations/Organizations ]

    The Cosmic Ray Laboratory (CRL) of the Tata Institute Fundamental Research (TIFR), located at the Melkavvatti road junction nearby Ooty (Tamil Nadu), made the announcement of its phenomenal discovery on production of unimaginably high voltage in a thunderstorm.

    Muons recharged p

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  • 3 Karen Uhlenbeck Became the First Woman to Win ‘Maths Nobel’ [ Education, International Relations/Organizations, Awards ]

    The American Woman Karen Uhlenbeck became the first woman to win the Abel Prize for her fundamental work in geometric analysis & gauge theory which has changed mathematical landscape. Karen Uhlenbeck’s theories have revolutionised the understanding of minimal surfaces, such as th

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  • Jul 12, 2019
  • 1 Oil Discovery in Krishna Godavari Basin Reported by Vedanta [ Science/Technology, Geography ]

    Multiple reservoir zones were discovered in the well H2 within the Mesozoic sequence between the depths of 3,310 metres to 4,026 metres with hydrocarbon indications during drilling and downhole logging. The oil and gas operations of Vedanta’s comprise the assets of Cairn India wh

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  • 2 In the Wayanad District of Kerala 5 Cases of Monkey Fever Have Been Confirmed [ Health, Environment/Ecology ]

    Karnataka is reeling under an outbreak of monkey fever or Kyasanur forest disease (KFD). Authorities are taking measures, including vaccination to combat disease and spread of it in the state. Among 10 suspected cases of monkey fever reported, 5 of them were confirmed to be of as

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  • 3 Indian Railways Rail Drishti Launched by Piyush Goyal [ Govt. Schemes/Projects, Railways ]

    Rail Drishti is a portal that gathers information from various sources on a single platform and gives access to key statistics and parameters to every citizen of the country launched on Feb 26,2019. This dashboard can be accessed through desktop, laptop and smartphones. The statu

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  • 4 Vernal Equinox [ Science/Technology, Geography ]

    When the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the center of the Sun the corresponding instant of time is commonly known as an Equinox. Some of The equinoxes and solstices are caused by Earth’s tilt on its axis and ceaseless motion in orbit. At the equinox, the sun crosses the

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  • Jul 11, 2019
  • 1 Yojana June 2019 - Yoga & Alternative Systems of Medicine (Part - 1) [ Yojana ]

    Key Topics Included In This Article: - Yogic Practices for Well Being, How Yoga Works, Yoga & Mental Health, Yoga – Indian Ethos, Yoga & Youth, Lifestyle Changes Include, Special Features of Yogic Practices, Benefit of Eight Limbs of Ashtang Yog, Evolution of Medicine Since Ancie

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  • 2 Yojana June 2019 - Yoga & Alternative Systems of Medicine (Part 2) [ Yojana ]

    Increasing Relevance of Yoga in Modern Times: - Ever since UNO declared June 21st as International Day of Yoga (IDY), celebration of this IDY has become a global phenomenon. Aim of Govt. is to promote & encourage youth who have excelled & achieved in disciplines of Yoga & sports.

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  • 3 Yojana June 2019 - Yoga & Alternative Systems of Medicine (Part 3) [ Yojana ]

    Siddha System of Medicine in A Nutshell: Siddha Medicine: - Term ‘Siddha’ is derived from root word ‘Siddhi’ which means ‘an object to be attained ’ or ‘perfection’. Practitioners of Siddha medicine aimed at perfection of health. Siddha system of medicine owes its origin to med

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  • 4 Yojana June 2019 - Yoga & Alternative Systems of Medicine (Part 4 ) [ Yojana ]

    Homeopathy in India An Overview: Homeopathy: -Word ‘Homeopathy’ is derived from two Greek words, ‘Homois” meaning similar & pathos meaning ‘suffering’. It is based on natural law of healing- ” Similia Similibus Curantur” which means “likes are cured by likes”. All over world 10th

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  • 5 Intel Satellite Launched by ISRO Days After ASAT [ International Relations/Organizations, Space/ISRO ]

    EMISAT launched by ISRO on the PSLV C-45 in its 47th flight on April 01,2019 for Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) w/28 3rd satellites. The PSLV-C45 was used to successfully place EMISAT in its intended sun-synchronous polar orbit of 748 km height. EMISAT was built

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  • Jul 10, 2019
  • 1 Mytilopsis [ Science/Technology ]

    Mytilopsis leucophaeata is a genus of small freshwater false mussels in the family. A family of small freshwater mussels, aquatic bivalve molluscs constitutes Dreissenidae. They attach themselves to stones or to any other hard surface using a byssus.

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  • 2 Mangad Massacre Descendants Seek Recognition for Past Tragedy [ Disaster Management ]

    More than 1,500 Bhils were gunned down by the Britishers on Nov 17,1913 across the Rajasthan and Gujarat border. This tragedy is sometimes seen as the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre of Gujarat. About one and a half lakh Bhils began to gather on Mangarh hills. Soon this news of gatheri

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  • 3 Kurukshetra June 2019 - Drinking Water for Rural India (Part -1) [ Kurukshetra ]

    Key Topics Included In This Article: Water Availability in Rural Areas, Govt. Initiatives, Community & water Quality mgmt, Availability of Safe & clean Water, Drinking Water Situation in Rural India, Water & public Health, Drinking Water Quality Monitoring, Role of Gram Panchay

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  • 4 Kurukshetra June 2019 - Drinking Water for Rural India (Part 2) [ Kurukshetra ]

    Technology Innovations for Safe Drinking Water Supply: - Availability of Safe & Clean Water: As per review of Millennium Development Gols done by united nations out of 35 Indian states, only 7 have achieved full coverage of having a safe water source for their villages.

    • Drinki

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  • 5 Kurukshetra June 2019 - Drinking Water for Rural India (Part 3) [ Kurukshetra ]

    Rural Drinking Water Supply Infrastructure: - Monitoring, Operation & Maintenance Infrastructure of Rural Drinking Water supply: More than 80 % of rural habitations is covered under National Rural Development water Programme (NRDWP) in other words created drinking water infrastr

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  • 6 Kurukshetra June 2019 - Drinking Water for Rural India (Part 4) [ Kurukshetra ]

    Yoga: - Art & Science for Healthy Living: Yoga is a spiritual discipline based on an extremely subtle science which focuses on bringing harmony between mind & body. One who experiences this oneness of existence is said to be “in Yoga” & is termed as a yogi who has attained a sta

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  • Jul 9, 2019
  • 1 Poll Machinery Function by the Election Commission [ Committees/Govt. Bodies ]

    As per Election Commission transfer of Police Officers in Bengal lie with the rights of ECI particularly during poll duty. The Election Commission has got all the authority to exercise disciplinary control over the Election Machinery.

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  • 2 The Low Intake of Grains, Lack of Nutrients Causes Hundreds of Deaths in India as Per Lancet Report [ Health ]

    According to a Lancet study poor diet leads to hundreds of death in India. Globally one in five people die due to the lack of optimal amounts of food and nutrients on their plates according to the same study.

    The study suggests that almost every region of the world can be benefi

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  • Jul 8, 2019
  • 1 Virat Kohli Named ‘Leading Cricketer’ for the Third Successive Time by Wisden [ Sports ]

    Virat Kohli was named leading cricketer of the year for 3rd successive time by The Wisden Cricketer’s Almanack. Kohli was picked as one of the five Wisden Cricketers along with England’s Tammy Beaumont, Jos Buttler, Sam Curran and Rory Burns.

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  • 2 Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Won Record Fifth Term in Office [ Policy/Governance, International Relations/Organizations ]

    The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won the elections of 2019 for the fifth time after being backed by a majority of Parliament members to form a new government, after the April 9 election.

    Altogether 97 percent of the votes were counted; neither of his rivals was able to capt

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  • 3 Remote Surgery Conducted by the Chinese Surgeons Using 5G Technology [ Science/Technology, International Relations/Organizations ]

    In a remarkable development in the field of medical science the Doctors in China have conducted 5G Surgery in the Shennongjia forestry district branch of Taihe Hospital. This remote surgery was also broadcasted exclusively to an expert team in Taihe Hospital in the city of Shiyan

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  • 4 Maldivian Democratic Party’S Victory a Good News for India [ International Relations/Organizations ]

    Maldivian Democratic Party Belongs to Mohammed Nasheed and his party is the first political party formed in the Republic of Maldives with a total membership of 29277 individuals. With Mohamed Nasheed’s critical point of view about the Chinese Policies and Initiatives India is loo

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  • Jul 5, 2019
  • 1 🌟 International Conference on Primary Health Care, Kazakhstan [ International Relations/Organizations, Important Days ]

    The Astana Declaration of 2018 held on Oct 25 and 26 aimed to refocus efforts on primary health care to ensure that everyone everywhere is able to enjoy the highest possible attainable standard of health.

    The Declaration of Astana reaffirms the historic 1978 Declaration of Alma-

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  • 2 Kumbh Sanitation Plan [ Environment/Ecology, Govt. Schemes/Projects ]

    The Kumbh Mela of 2019 succeeded in a big way to send out a message of sanitation to the society. Kumbh Mela is being held in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj from January 15 to March 4. Nearly lakhs of pilgrims attend this fair over the course of approximately 55 auspicious days to bat

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  • 3 Indian Railways Launched “Mission Satyanistha” a Program on Ethics in Public Governance [ Policy/Governance, Railways ]

    Programme on Ethics in Public Governance was organised by Indian Railways and on this day the Mission Satyanistha was launched by Minister of Finance & Corporate Affairs, Railways & Coal.


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  • Jul 3, 2019
  • 1 The Prime Minister Conferred with Russia’S Highest State Decoration [ Policy/Governance, International Relations/Organizations ]

    Moscow awarded Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Russia’s highest state decoration, Order of St Andrew. He was awarded for his exceptional services in promoting special and privileged strategic partnership between the two countries.

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  • 2 Quetta Blast in Pakistan [ International Relations/Organizations, Disaster Management ]

    In an improvised explosive device attack targeting the minority Hazra Community as many as 16 people lost their life. The attack took place in a green grocer’s shop. The explosive device was planted in a gunny sack filled with potatoes.

    As many as 30 people were injured in this

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  • 3 Event Horizon Telescope [ Science/Technology ]

    It is a large Telescope array consisting of a global network of radio Telescopes. It combines data from several very long baseline interferometry stations around the Earth. The Event Horizon Telescope project is an international collaboration launched in 2009 after a long period

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