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  • Aug 31, 2015
  • 1 ISRO’s GSAT-6 communication satellite successfully placed in GTO [ None ]

    Communication satellite GSAT - 6 has been placed successfully into its Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO) by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). It was launched by Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) -D6 from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikotta.


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  • 2 Maharashtra government purchases Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s London House [ None ]

    About Dr. B. R. Ambedkar: Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s full name is Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. He was born on 14th April 1891 and died on 6th December 1956. He is popularly known as Babasaheb.

    Image of BR Ambedkar

    Image of BR Ambedkar

    Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s London House Purchased

    • He was an Indian jurist, econo

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  • 3 Union Government gives permission to 6 new SEZ proposals [ None ]

    About 6 new SEZ proposals: In Lucknow - Uttar Pradesh, HCL IT City will set up IT / ITeS zones. In Mumbai - Maharashtra, Loma IT Park Developer will set up IT / ITeS zones. North Mumbai International Commodity Township planned free trade warehousing zone in Thane, Maharashtra.

    • S

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  • 4 Government releases list of smart cities [ None ]

    About smart cities: Smart city uses digital technologies or information and communication technologies to improve quality and performance of urban services. It is also used to reduce costs and resource ingesting and to improve more effectively with its citizens.

    About the rele

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  • 5 Cabinet gives permission to include Sipai, Patni, Jamat Kahar and Tanwar Singhariya in the OBC list [ None ]

    About permission from Cabinet: Union Cabinet gives permission to modify the Central List of Other Backward Classes (OBCs) for Gujarat and Uttarakhand for adding of Sipai and Patni Jamat or Turk Jamat from Gujarat and Kahar, Tanwar Singhariya from Uttarakhand in the list.

    • Prime

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  • 6 Union Cabinet provides permission to modify Arbitration and Conciliation Bill, 2015 [ None ]

    About Arbitration and Conciliation Bill: The Conciliation and Arbitration Act 1904 was a law passed by the Parliament of Australia in 1904. The Act was relating to Conciliation and Arbitration for the Prevention and Settlement of Industrial Disagreements extending outside the Lim

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  • 7 India signs agreement with Seychelles for restriction on black money [ None ]

    About Seychelles: Seychelles is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Archipelago is a chain or collection of island. It is the 115 - island country. Its capital is Victoria which lies in 1, 500 kilometers east of mainland Southeast Africa.

    About the agreement:

    • India has signed

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  • 8 CCEA gives permission to Differential Royalty Payment to states on crude oil production [ None ]

    About CCEA: CCEA stands for Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs. It is one of the vertical committee of the cabinet constituted by the Government of India. CCEA directs and coordinates all policies and activities in the economic field including foreign investment that require

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  • 9 India’s Oscar jury appointed Amol Palekar as Chairman [ None ]

    About Amol Palekar: Amol Palekar was born on 24th November 1944 in Mumbai of India. He is an Indian actor and a director and producer of Hindi and Marathi cinema. He studied Fine Arts at the Sir JJ School of Arts at Mumbai and began his artistic career as a painter.

    Image of Amol Palekar

    Image of Amol Palekar

    Chairman of India’s Oscar Jury

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  • Aug 31, 2015
  • 1 India signs MoU with Australia to help in the Fields of Education, Training and Research [ None ]

    About the agreement: India and Australia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to support in the fields of education, research and training. The MoU was signed by Smriti Irani who is Union Minister of Human Resource Development and Christopher Pyne MP who is Minister for Educ

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  • 2 Union Government has launched telemedicine ‘Sehat’ to provide healthcare facilities in rural areas [ None ]

    About launching of ‘Sehat’: Union Government has launched a telemedicine enterprise called as ‘Sehat’ to provide healthcare facilities in rural areas in partnership with Apollo Hospitals.

    • Sehat was launched by Union Announcement and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad at a functio

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  • 3 PM initiates birthday celebrations of Rani Gaidinliu [ Important Days ]

    About Rani Gaidinliu: Gaidinliu was born on 26th January 1915 and died on 17th February 1993 at age of 78 at Longkao of Manipur in India. She was a Naga political leader who led a revolution against British rule in India.

    Image of Rani Gaidinliu

    Image of Rani Gaidinliu

    Major Freedom Fighter

    • She joine

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  • 4 India signs two MoUs with Egypt for Support in Tourism, Scientific and Technical [ None ]

    About the agreement of MoUs: India and Egypt have signed two Memorandum of Understandings to support in the field of Tourism, Scientific and Technical. These MoUs were signed by Union External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj during the visit of to Egypt.

    About the MoUs:

    To sup

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  • Aug 27, 2015
  • 1 PM Modi arrange a meeting for POSCO to stay in India [ None ]

    About POSCO: POSCO stands for Pohang Iron and Steel Company. It is a multinational steel - making company. It’s headquarter is in Pohang of South Korea. It had productivity of 39.1 million tonnes of unpolished steel in 2011which made it the world’s fourth - largest steelmaker co

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  • 2 South and North Korea signs an agreement to resolve crisis [ None ]

    About Crisis in Korea: North Korea attacked to the South Korea in a challenge to join the country under the North’s government. That attempt failed and Korea is still divided in two. Both sides maintained by armies along the border.

    • These armies sometimes make missiles fire and

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  • 3 Google Maps launch feature which will allows users to tag restaurant food pics [ None ]

    About Google: Google was founded on 4th September 1998 at Menlo Park, California. The founders of Google are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It is an American multinational technology company. It is specializing in Internet - related services and products. These include online adver

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  • 4 UNFCCC and MSSRF will work together for protection of seaside resources in Andhra Pradesh [ None ]

    About UNFCCC: UNFCCC stands for United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. It is an international environmental agreement exchanged at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED).

    • It is informally known as the Earth Summit held in Rio de Jane

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  • 5 The mega rally of Patel for reservation begins with 17,000 cops in Ahmedabad, Gujarat [ None ]

    About Patel Community: The ‘Patel’ is a name of a caste. They can take the lead in resolving problems and implementing ideas. They also used as a surname like Patidar, Bhakta or replaced by an ancestral name. It is ranked to be the 174 most common names.

    • The term Patel derives f

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  • Aug 25, 2015
  • 1 Replica of human brain grown by US scientists [ None ]

    About grow of replica of human brain: Replica of a human brain has been grown by scientists from United States in a laboratory. This research was done by team of researchers from Ohio State University which is led by Professor Rene Anand.

    About replica of brain:

    • Brain which i

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  • 2 Golfer Aditi Ashok first Indian to win Ladies British amateur stroke-play Championship [ None ]

    About Aditi Ashok: Aditi Ashok was born on 29 - March - 1998 in Bangalore. She is an Indian Golfer. She is studying in the Frank Anthony Public School, Bangalore since 2002. She started learning golf at 5 years and played first round at the age of 6 years 2 months.

    Image of Aditi Ashok

    Image of Aditi Ashok

    First Indian to win Ladies British amateur stroke - play Championship

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  • 3 Punjabi University won Maulana Abul Kalam Azad trophy 2014 [ None ]

    About Punjabi University: Punjabi University provides higher education. It is located in Patiala of Punjab in India. It was established on the 30th April 1962. Its name is given after the language of Punjab; by this it becomes second university in the world which has given name

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  • 4 A P Shah Committee recommends MAT relief to FIIs [ Committees/Govt. Bodies ]

    About A P Shah: Ajit Prakash Shah is a retired Justice. He was born on 13th February 1948 at Solapur. He is the Chairman of the 20th Law Commission of India. He had worked as the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court from May 2008 to February 2010 till his retirement.

    • He has comple

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  • 5 RBI committee recommends for conversion of UCBs into regular banks [ Committees/Govt. Bodies ]

    About RBI: RBI stands for Reserve Bank of India. It is central banking organization in India. It controls the financial policy of the Indian rupee. It was started on 1st April 1935 during the British Rule.

    • It was nationalized on 1st January 1949.
    • Its four local headquarters are

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  • 6 YouTube has announced partnership with Whistling Woods to set up “YouTube Space” in Mumbai [ None ]

    About Whistling Woods: Whistling Woods International is a film, communication and media arts institute in Mumbai. It is a subordinate of Bollywood director Subhash Ghai - promoted Mukta Arts. Recently the institute has make partnership with Taiwan’s electronic contract manufactur

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  • 7 Alexis Tsipras the Greek PM resigns from his post [ None ]

    About Alexis Tsipras: Alexis Tsipras was born on 28th July 1974. He is a Greek politician who served as Prime Minister of Greece from 26th January 2015. He was also leader of the left - wing Syriza party since 2009.

    Image of Alexis Tsipras

    Image of Alexis Tsipras

    Greek PM resigns from his post

    • He was

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  • 8 Ranil Wickremesinghe takes oath as PM of Sri Lanka [ None ]

    About Ranil Wickremesinghe: Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe was born on 24th March 1949. He is a Sri Lankan politician who has served as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka since 9th January 2015, as Leader of the United National Party since 1994 and the Member of Parliament for Colomb

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  • 9 Changalikodan Banana of Kerala has given GI status [ None ]

    About Changalikodan Banana: Changalikodan Nendran Banana is also famously known as Changalikodan. It is a banana variety invented and refined in Chengazhikodu village of Thrissur District in Kerala of India.

    • Changalikodan are refined on the banks of the Bharathapuzha River.
    • It

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  • Aug 25, 2015
  • 1 Gujarat High Court stops execution of compulsory voting Act in local elections [ None ]

    About High Court: High Court also refers to the superior court or Supreme Court of a country or state. In some countries, it is the highest court like in Australia. While in some countries it is also lower court like in England and Wales.

    About execution of compulsory voting Act

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  • Aug 24, 2015
  • 1 Duke Kahanamoku ‘father of surfing’ is honored by Google Doodle [ None ]

    About Duke Kahanamoku: Duke Kahanamoku was born on 24th August 1890 in Haleakala, Honolulu of Hawaii in USA and he died on 22nd January 1968. He was a swimmer by profession of ethnic Hawaiian background in America.

    Image of Duke Kahanamoku

    Image of Duke Kahanamoku

    Honored by Google Doodle

    • He was also

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  • 2 Arthur Morris the former Australian Cricketer is no more [ None ]

    About Arthur Morris: Arthur Morris who was the former Australian Cricketer passed away at age of 93. Arthur Robert Morris was born on 19th January 1922 in Bondi of Australia. He was a former Australian cricketer.

    Image of Arthur Morris

    Image of Arthur Morris

    Former Australian Cricketer

    • He had playe

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