List of India’S Defence Exercises- Surya Kiran (Indo-Nepal) and SLINEX 2017 (Important) (Download PDF)

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The 12th edition of India-Nepal joint military exercise- Surya Kiran XII was held at Nepal Army Battle School (NABS) in Saljhandi, Nepal and 7thedition of India-Sri Lanka joint naval exercises SLINEX 2017 were held near Vishakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) in Bay of Bengal

Image of Surya Kiran (India-Nepal) and SLINEX 2017

Image of Surya Kiran (India-Nepal) and SLINEX 2017

Image of Surya Kiran (India-Nepal) and SLINEX 2017

List of India’S Defence Exercises

Table Contain Shows the List of India’s Defence Exercises

Defense Exercise

Country Involved


India & Australia (Bilateral Maritime Ex. )


India-Oman Army exercise

Cobra Gold 2016

India & Thailand

Desert Eagle

India – UAE Air exercise


India & Maldives

Exercise Shakti

India and France

Force Eighteen

ASEAN + 8 countries


India- France Air Exercise

Hand in Hand

India & China


Brazil, India and South Africa


Indo & Russia bilateral naval exercise


India & UK (Bilateral Air Ex. )

Joint Naval Exercise SLINEX 2015

India & Sri Lanka


India & Britain


India & Seychelles joint military exercise


India & Srilanka

Malabar Exercise

India, US & Japan.

Mitra Shakti

India & Sri Lanka

Naseem Al Bahr

India and Oman (Joint navy exercise)

Nomadic Elephant

Indian – Mongolia Army exercise

Prabal Dostyk

India- Kazhakhstan Military Exercise

Sahayog – Kaijin

India & Japan joint Coast Guard Exercise

Shaheen (Eagle) -4

China & Pakistan


Indo & France military exercise


Indian Navy with Republic of Singapore Navy

Sino-India Cooperation 2016

India & China


Sri Lanka India Naval Exercise

Surya Kiran IX

India & Nepal Military Exercise.

Varuna Exercise 2015

India & France Naval Exercise.

Yuddh Abhyas

Indian and United States Army exercise

The Surya Kiran XII

  • 14 day exercise focused on counter-terrorism and counter-terror, forest fighting and natural disaster management operations.

  • Indian Army represented by Kumaon Scouts

  • Narayan Dal Battalion represented Nepal Army.

  • Troops engaged in counter insurgency operations, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR) operations, and environmental conservation.

History of Surya Kiran

  • Series of bilateral military exercises conducted bi-annually, alternatively in India and Nepal.

  • Largest joint exercise in terms of troop participation undertaken by India.

  • 11th edition held in Pithoragarh area of Uttarakhand in March 2017


  • The seven days exercise reinforced strong ties between countries underscored by extensive maritime interaction and improved understanding.

  • Focused on fleet work, seamanship, communication, replenishment at sea as well as helicopter operations.

  • Sri Lanka Navy’s offshore patrol vessels, SLNS Sayura and Sagara participated.

  • In harbour phase navies engaged in professional, cultural and social interactions.

  • In Sea Phase navies conducted complex operations including anti-piracy exercises, cross-deck helicopter operations, gun firings, and anti-surface exercises.

What is SLINEX?

  • Series of biennial bilateral maritime exercises between India and Sri Lank, initiated in 2005.

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