Lloyd Stowell Shapley a Nobel Prize Winner Economist Passed Away (Download PDF)

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Lloyd Stowell Shapley a well-known American mathematician and Nobel Prize-winning economist have passed away on 12 March 2016 at the age of 92 years. He had given a lot to the fields of mathematical economics and especially game theory. And he was considered as fathers of game theory.

About Lloyd Stowell Shapley:

  • He was born on June 2,1923 in Cambridge, Massachusetts in United States.
  • He had completed his mathematics studies at Harvard and had joined the US Army Air Corps during World War II.
  • He received degrees from Harvard and Princeton University after completion of World War II.
  • He had worked at RAND Corporation for one year and then he has completed his Ph. D. in 1953 from Princeton University.
  • He was a close friend and mentor to late John Forbes Nash Jr. , a mathematician and Nobel laureate who had schizophrenia.

Awards and Honours:

  • John Von Neumann Theory Prize in 1981
  • Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2012 along with Alvin E. Roth for the theory of stable allocations and the practice of market design.
  • Bronze Star for deciphering a Soviet weather code in his army career.
  • Golden Goose Award in 2013

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