MEA’S SAMEEP Will Take India’S Foreign Policy to All Students & Classrooms (Download PDF)

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Union Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) launched SAMEEP (Students and MEA Engagement Program) to take Indian foreign policy and its global engagements to students and to look at diplomacy as a career option.


Objectives of SAMEEP (Students and MEA Engagement Program)

  • Familiarize school and college students about functioning of the MEA.
  • Introduce students to key elements of India՚s foreign policy and its success stories.

Details of SAMEEP

  • Voluntary programme for MEA officials with grades undersecretary and above with option of going back to any school or college in their hometown or to their alma mater.
  • MEA officials will visit hometowns and particularly their alma mater while on leave to engage and interact with students in schools and colleges.
  • Officers will convey information on MEA workings, India՚s foreign policy, and diplomacy- stimulating students to consider diplomacy as a career option.
  • MEA will provide officials standardized presentation for this outreach programme
  • Officials will be free to make changes for betterment and add their personal experiences.

- Published/Last Modified on: January 9, 2018


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