Madhukar Gupta Committee Recommends Border Protection in Report Submitted to UHM (Download PDF)

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The Madhukar Gupta Committee on border protection has submitted its report which include detailed study on risk management and recommendations of border protection other issue such as gaps and perviousness in border fencing Border to the Union Ministry Home Affairs (MHA) .

Border of India Pakistan
  • Former Home Secretary Madhukar Gupta has headed the committee.

Key Facts

  • The committee conducted brief study on security aspects for all four Indian bordering stats with Pakistan as a focus area.
  • The report includes individual recommendations for each of four stats because different topography and problems.
  • The report of draw attention on gaps and border fencing՚s perviousness, it also recommended use of technology and heightened vigil on riverine borders.
  • Many infiltration-prone areas are not ready for installation of laser walls because of treacherous and marshy terrain as shown in report.
  • Indian share 3,323-km-long border with Pakistan by four stats (Punjab, Rajasthan, Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir) and the that is as follow:
  • Jammu and Kashmir 1,225 km including Line of Control
  • Rajasthan 1,037 km
  • Punjab 553 km
  • Gujarat 508 km


  • The committee was formed in April 2016 by MHA after three months of Pathankot՚s IAF terror attack in January 2016 by Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists from Pakistan.
  • The committee has with five month time for to submit report to recommend how to solve issue of gaps and vulnerability in border fencing.
  • During Pathankot՚s terror attack the terrorist entered in India from beach and in Punjab especially from the riverine stretch.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 31, 2016

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