Maharashtra: First State to Launch Cyber Police Stations (Download PDF)

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Maharashtra will become the first state in India to have a cyber-police station in each district and Maharashtra government is also converting 42 state-of-the-art cyber-crime labs into cyber police stations.

Key Aspects

  • Cyber police stations will set up at police commissionerate and Range IG offices.
  • Any cybercrime will be registered in these police stations at district level.
  • Additional cyber police stations will also be set up in some cities.
  • Previously, in August 2016 state government inaugurated 34 well-equipped cyber labs in all districts.

Need for Cyber Policing

  • Cyber-crime in Maharashtra increased by a whopping 142.1 percent in last few years.
  • Cybercrime cases increased in tier-II cities and in rural areas in Maharashtra.
  • Normal local police stations lack technical knowledge and proper training to tackle cybercrimes.
  • Cyber labs have trained manpower and modern equipment.

Background Details

  • Some cases remain pending for investigation and new initiative will take care of this deficiency.
  • State government՚s cyber-crime wing is setting up 51 cyber-crime labs in Maharashtra:
    • 34 labs at the district level
    • 7 at Inspector General՚s offices
    • 9 at Commissioner of Police offices
    • 1 lab at the state police headquarters
  • 907 cases of cyber-crime were registered in 2013 and 2,195 cases were filed in 2015. There was conviction in just 5 of the 4,981 cases filed in 3 years.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 4, 2016


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