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Ajay Shankar Committee - Purpose: To review functioning of PPP Cell. Key Functions: Introduction of credible third-party certification in most areas of regulation to cut down on multiple permissions needed by investors.

  • Adopting global best practices for emission norms in order to promote ease of doing business in the country.
  • Need for a standing institutional mechanism within the government for an independent regulatory impact assessment.
  • For start-ups: Steps like Greenfield development and earmarking of mixed land use redevelopment should be undertaken.
  • Start-ups must be exempted from the requirement of seeking building plan approvals would give a boost to the ecosystem.
  • Any inspection of a start-up in cases of actionable complaints should done only with the permission of an officer at a sufficiently higher level.
  • Environmental Issues: Ministries of environmentally sensitive sectors should join with the Ministry of Environment and Forests to prepare a 20-year perspective geographical plan.
  • This plan must indicate preferred locations in prioritized categories for their anticipated projects in order to minimize the negative impact of environment.

Prof. NR Madhava Menon Panel

Purpose: Reported guidelines for regulating expenditure and content of advertisement in government ads

Government Ads Must Not Display Following:

  • No glorification of political figure or party in power- especially on the eve of elections.
  • Do not publish photos political leaders  (except President/Prime Minister or Governor/Chief Minister)
  • No political symbol/logo/flag.
  • No website links to political parties or political leader.
  • No attack on opposition parties.

Government Ads Should Cover Only Following:

  • Ads related to government responsibilities, public safety, awareness.
  • Government ads shall maintain political neutrality. Display message in objective and fair manner.
  • Prior to elections, display no Government ads, except following:
  1. Law and order related
  2. Public health, disaster precaution, safety advisories
  3. Job applications, tender-contract advertisements
  • During Nehru, Gandhi or xyz anniversary, multiple ministries, departments and PSUs run separate advertisements, thus wasting public money. For such anniversaries/ commemorations, issue only single advertisement.
  • Additionally: setup an Ombudsman to check violation of these guidelines.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 28, 2016

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