Majuli: World’S Largest River Island (Download PDF)

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Assam՚s Majuli a beautiful river line island declared as the world՚s largest river island by the Guinness World Records which is located in the Brahmaputra River with 880 km2 (340 miles2) area.

  • From the last 30 - 40 years the island has lost one-third of its area because of frequent flooding in the river.
Majuli Largest River Island
  • Previously World՚s largest river island record holder was Marajo island of Brazil which is located in Amazon River.
Marajo Island of Brazil

About Majuli island

  • This riverine island is located at the Brahmaputra River and bounded by Subanisri River in the North and kherkatia Suli in South.
  • Total 144 villages are located near the baseline of Majuli Island with over 160,000 populations.
  • Mishing, Deori and Sonowal Kacharis tribe՚s populations are living in Majuli Island and they speak languages such as Mising, Assamese, and Deori, this population has rich and different agricultural tradition.
  • Majuli Island has the geographically perfect location for growing rice hear more than 100 varieties of rice grown organically without using artificial composts.
  • The island had some 65 satras to Vaishnavism, but after washed away the large numbers of satras were moved to the mainland and satras such as Garamurh, Dakhinpat, Kamalabari, Auniati and Bengenaati have managed to survive.
  • Majuli Island is home of a rich environmental hotspot as well as rare and endangered avifauna types such as migratory birds.
  • Recently in June 2016 Majuli declared as independent district by Assam Government and with this Majuli becomes first island district of India.
  • The island also has been selected for the World Heritage Site status and have place in the UNESCO՚s tentative list.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 6, 2016

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