Make in India for Portable Diver Detection Sonar

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In support for ‘Make in India’ Policy, Indian Navy signed contract with Tata Power Strategic Engineering Division for supply of Portable Diver Detection Sonar (PDDS) under the ‘Buy and Make (Indian) ’ category.

Portable Diver Detection Sonar
  • Aims to boost Defence indigenization effort.
  • Maiden contract signed earlier this year by the Indian Navy for supply of Surface Surveillance Radar for IN warships.
  • Portable Diver Detection Sonar would be manufactured by Tata Power at their facility at Bengaluru with Transfer of Technology from DSIT Israel.
  • Portable Diver Detection Sonar enhances Navy՚s Underwater Surveillance Capability in the field of Low Intensity Maritime Operations.
  • Allows Indian Navy to augment countermeasures against asymmetric threats.

What Are Diver Detection Sonar (DDS) Systems?

  • Sonar and acoustic systems employed underwater for detection of divers and submerged swimmer delivery vehicles (SDVs) .
  • Allows detection, tracking, and classification on underwater threats endangering property and lives.
  • Subsurface threats can only be reliably detected by using high-resolution active sonar or trained dolphins or sea lions.

Urgency for Procurement

  • Increased threat of an underwater terrorist attack for maritime industry and port law enforcement agencies.
  • Ports face a range of threats from swimmers, boat-delivered ordnance such as limpet mines and other forms of improvised underwater explosive devices.
  • Requirements from (DDS) Systems
  • Provide underwater security for ports, coastal facilities, offshore installations, pipelines and ships.
  • Desirable that a DDS system be capable of distinguishing between large sea mammals, shoals of fish, a ship՚s wake, a diver with an open circuit scuba set and a stealth diver with a rebreather.
  • Must be mountable on the seabed, on a pier or on the hull of a vessel.

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