Measures to Check Vector Borne Diseases- Public Private Partnership (PPP) for Vector Borne Diseases (Download PDF)

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Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Malaria Elimination Demonstration Project (MEDP) was signed between Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) , Government of Madhya Pradesh (GoMP) , and Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Measures taken to check vector borne diseases are discussed below.

Important VBDs with Respect to India


  • Govt. has prepared a framework for malaria elimination by 2030
  • National Strategic Plan (NSP) , (2017 - 22) for five years guides states for implementation, wherein all measures for elimination of malaria have been specified.
  • States and regional offices have been sensitized on the NSP and trained on the malaria elimination related activities

Dengue and Chikungunya

  • GOI provides technical guidelines for prevention and control, case management, & effective community participation to the States for its implementation.
  • States are requested to make Dengue a notifiable disease.
  • Diagnosis is provided through 609 Sentinel Surveillance Hospitals (SSHs) and 16 Apex Referral laboratories (ARLs) identified across the country.
  • Until Nov 2017, GoI has supplied 7371 Dengue IgM kits and 2075 Chikungunya IgM kits (1 kit = 96 tests) across the country through National Institute of Virology (NIV) , Pune.
  • Sensitization of corporators of three Delhi Municipal Corporations on dengue and other Vector Borne Diseases (VBDs) .
  • Focused IEC/BCC activities (explained later) are carried out at National and State level.
  • Funds are provided to the states for prevention and control of vector borne diseases including dengue and chikungunya.

Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese encephalitis is a virus spread by the bite of infected mosquitoes. it՚s more common in rural and agricultural areas. Rarely, it causes serious brain swelling with a sudden headache, high fever and disorientation. Treatment involves supportive care. A vaccine is available.

  • Constitution of national programme for prevention and control of JE/AES to reduce morbidity, mortality, and disability due to JE/AES.
  • Number of sentinel sites has been increased from 51 in 2005 to 131 at present
  • Apex Referral Laboratories increased from 12 to 15.
  • JE vaccination campaign in children (1 - 15 yrs.) completed in 216 out of 231 JE endemic districts. JE vaccination campaign planned in 15 districts in 2017 - 18.
  • Strengthening of Capacity building.
  • Adult vaccination Completed in all 31 districts identified in Assam, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal.
  • Establishment of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) in priority districts.
  • Establishment of Physical Medicine Rehabilitation (PMR) identified Medical Colleges.
  • Notification of JE: State have been requested to notify Japanese Encephalitis


Visceral leishmaniasis is spread by sand-fly bites affecting internal organs- spleen, liver, and bone marrow. Some people show symptoms others suffer from fever, weight loss, and swelling of the spleen or liver. Medication can kill the parasites. If left untreated, severe cases can be fatal.

  • Treatment with single day single dose Ambisome Injection to Kala-azar patient since 2015 has improved treatment compliance with loss of wages incentives.
  • Use of synthetic Pyrethorid insecticide and hand compression pumps
  • Ensuring no stock out of drugs and diagnostics.
  • Intensive surveillance activities for early identification of cases & prompt treatment.
  • Active case searches in all endemic villages
  • Intensified IEC/BCC activities
  • Two rounds of regular IRS spray with Synthetic Pyrethroid on regular basis and focal spray as per guideline.
  • Incentive to health volunteer/ASHA@ ₹ 300/- for referring a suspected case and ensuring complete treatment and ₹ 100/- during one round of indoor residual spray i.e.. ₹ 200/- for both the rounds of spray for generating awareness and for acceptance of spray by the community.
  • Govt. of Bihar & Jharkhand provisioned ₹ 6,600/- as wage loss to Kala-azar patients from Chief Ministers Kala-azar Relief Elimination Funds.

Lymphatic Filariasis

Lymphatic filariasis is spread by infected mosquitoes, which deposit a parasite that travels to the lymph system. Most cases are symptomless. Rarely, long-term damage to the lymph system causes swelling in the legs, arms, and genitalia. It also increases the risk of frequent bacterial infections that harden and thicken the skin (elephantiasis) . A drug taken yearly can kill the parasites.

  • Operational guideline is available in NVBDCP website.
  • Advisories issued to maximize elimination efforts.
  • Provision of morbidity management kits.
  • Package of fund for Hydrocele operation to clear backlog of hydrocele cases.

What is IEC/BCC?

  • Information Education Communication (IEC) is used for generating awareness- process of working with individuals, communities, & societies to promote positive behaviour appropriate to their settings.
  • Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) is takes a step forward - enabling action. Provides a supportive environment enabling people to initiate and sustain positive behaviour.

IEC/BCC activities play strategic role in the area of public health by understanding people՚s behaviour and influences.

Role of IEC/BCC

  • Connect to the people educating and mobilizing the masses through Information Education and Communication (IEC)
  • Encourage individuals to adopt healthy behaviour.

Activities of IEC/BCC

  • State and District IEC action plans bottom up process of development.
  • i.e.. C. materials like posters, stickers, pamphlets, leaflets, banners etc. are produced and distributed to health centers in all districts.
  • Activities such as wall paintings and hoardings at placed at important sites throughout the State.
  • State IEC cell engages in health education and spreading awareness through mass media such as newspapers, television, and radio.

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