Meghalaya Public Service Commission Information and Updates (Download PDF)

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The Meghalaya Public Service Commission was constituted on 14th September, 1972 based on Constitution of State Public Service Commission provided under Article 315 read with Article 316 of the Constitution of India The Commission includes of a Chairman and four Members and currently members are:

Chairman and Four Members of the Commission
1.Smti. Biana W. MominM. A (English)Senior Member16.09. 20132017
2.Shri. Riewbamut DympepB. Sc (Agri)

M. Sc (Agri)

Ph. D (Agri)

Member04.09. 20152016
3.Smti. Susan Markor LalooM. A (History)Member30.10. 20152020

As per Article 315 of the Constitution of India, there must be a Public Service Commission for each State. The first chairman of the Meghalaya PSC was Shri. G. C. Momin was and they have served from 22.09. 1972 to 21.09. 1978.

Organization Chart of the Meghalaya Public Service Commission

Organization Chart of the Meghalaya Public Service Commission

- Published/Last Modified on: June 24, 2016

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