Mid-day meal scheme under National Food Security Act, 2013 reported by Union Government [ Current News (Concise) - ]


About Mid - day meal scheme: It is a school meal programme. It was initiated by Government of India. Its function is to improve the nutritional stand of school children nationwide. Rules in this scheme are:

  • There are temporary funds available with the school for Mid - day meal scheme if the school fails funds meant for the meal for any reason.
  • Food security payment will be paid to the receivers under the temporary funds use in case of non - supply of meal for any reason.
  • Meal quality will be checked on monthly basis by qualified Labs.
  • If meals are not provided on 3 - 5 following school days in a month then government will fix charge on the person or agency to check it.
  • Every child between the ages of 6 - 14 studying in classes from I to VIII must be provided hot cooked meal having nutritional value (300 calories and 8 - 12 grams of protein for each day of school).
  • It is a compulsion that schools must have a facility for cooking meal in hygienic manner.
  • Schools located in urban areas may use the facility of centralized kitchens.

About Food Security Act, 2013:

  • It is an Act of Parliament of India.
  • It is also known as Right to Food Act.
  • This was signed into law on September 12th in 2013.
  • Its main function is to provide supported food to approximately 2/3rd of India’s Population.
  • Under this act, the Midday Meal Scheme, Integrated Child Development Services scheme and the Public Distribution System are included.

About the report given by Government:

  • The Union Government has reported Mid - Day Meal Scheme under the Food Security Act, 2013.
  • This decision was taken by the government after consulting with the fellow states and other related Ministries of the government.

- Published/Last Modified on: October 2, 2015