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The earlier criteria for station categorization was based on the annual passenger earnings only. Stations were categorised into 7 categories which A-1, A, B, C, D, E and F. GMs will have full powers to sanction out of turn safety related works without any limit.

Image of Indian Railways

Image of Indian Railways

Image of Indian Railways

  • The stations would be re-categorised on the basis of

  • Earnings

  • Passenger footfall

  • Strategic importance.

  • The stations have been further segregated based on the type and clubbed into 3 groups

    • Non-suburban (NS),

    • Suburban (S)

    • Halt (H).

  • Further, these groups have been put in grades ranging from

    • NSG 1 - 6,

    • SG 1 - 3,

    • HG 1 - 3

  • Presently, there are

    • 5976 Non-Suburban Railway Station

    • 484 Suburban Railway Stations

    • 2153 Halts,

    which takes the total number of stations to 8613.

  • This categorization of stations has been done for the period 2017 - 18 to 2022 - 23.


  • In the old criteria the number of stations with high passenger footfalls (handling high number of commuter and MST pass holders etc. ) could not be covered into the higher category of station which led to these stations being eligible for lower level of amenities.

Power to General Managers

  • General Managers shall have powers to categorize a station as NSG-4 category if it is a place of Tourist importance and/or is an important junction station.

More Amenities for All Railway Stations

  • The following amenities will be provided at all the stations irrespective of their category for safe performance of journey by passengers

    • Foot over bridge

    • High level platform

    • Trolley path for movement of wheel chair

  • More amenities have been provided to lower category of stations like:

    • Waiting halls

    • Platform shelters

    • Lifts

    • Escalators

    • Digital charts display

    • Illumination

    • The train/coach indication board

- Published/Last Modified on: January 27, 2018


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